Whey’s health benefits: how Whey even helps with immunity!

Today’s article will show you all the health benefits of Whey Protein. We want to point out to you how it is great for the metabolism and even helps the immune system in general.

This will be an article with some technical terms, but we promise that light and straightforward read, as we always like to deliver.

So, let’s get to it. Let’s talk about the health benefits of Whey Protein. Get comfortable and enjoy the reading! 

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What is the purpose of whey protein? 

Whey protein is derived from cow’s milk whey. It is a mixture of proteins easily digested and absorbed by our body, which will act in the muscle cells favoring the gain of muscle mass.

Who can and should use Whey Protein?

There are no contraindications to the use of whey. Any adult can use it as a food supplement. It is recommended for people who already have a balanced diet and want to increase their intake of good quality protein.

It is also an option for those who cannot ingest all the protein they need, such as the elderly, post-bariatric people, or athletes.

What are the types of whey protein?

Regarding the types of the supplement, there are different options, each with different recommendations and characteristics. Below, see more.


It is ideal to be consumed post-workout. Due to the breakdown of protein, it is more rapidly absorbed by the body. It has a weaker flavor and a transparent texture, and is mostly lactose-free.


Concentrated whey protein offers consumers a large amount of protein. Among the types on the market, it is the most financially accessible.


The isolated type of supplement has a higher protein concentration and helps those who want to define their bodies. It maintains all of the minerals and vitamins found in milk.

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Whey Protein’s health advantages

Research conducted in recent years has demonstrated the nutritional qualities of soluble whey protein proteins.

Whey protein supplementation increased lifespan in rats, for example, as measured in part by cellular aging.

Its use also improved liver and cardiac glutathione stores, as well as the immune system, through improved lymphocyte motility.

Since it is the best food source for glutathione precursors, whey protein should be considered in the daily diet of humans.

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How does whey improve health?

Milk proteins, including whey proteins, in addition to their high biological value, have bioactive peptides, which act as antimicrobial agents, antihypertensive agents, regulators of immune function, as well as growth factors.

Whey proteins are highly digestible and rapidly absorbed by the body, stimulating the synthesis of blood and tissue proteins.

So much so that some researchers classify them as fast-metabolizing proteins, and suitable for situations of metabolic stress in which protein replacement is needed more quickly.

What are the biological factors of Whey Protein that you need to understand?

Whey protein has a structure consisting of beta-lactoglobulin (BLG), alpha-lactalbumin (ALA), bovine serum albumin (BSA), immunoglobulins (Ig’s), and glycomacropeptides (GMP).

Present in all types of milk, milk protein contains about 80% casein and 20% whey protein, a percentage that can vary depending on the breed fed to the cattle and the country of origin.

Whey can be obtained in the laboratory or in industry through three main processes: by the process of enzymatic coagulation, resulting in the casein clot, raw material for cheese production, and in sweet whey; acid precipitation at isoelectric pH, resulting in isoelectric casein, which is transformed into caseinates and in acid whey; physical separation of the casein micelles by microfiltration, obtaining a micelle concentrate and the whey proteins, in the form of protein concentrate or isolate.

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There you go, now you know how Whey Protein is produced and what all its health benefits are.

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