At Sooro Renner, we seek to reconcile economic development with environmental preservation and social well-being. Our goals are to promote sustainability, invest in sustainable technologies, and support local development. We work with transparency, ethics, and responsibility, aiming to build a better future for everyone.

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Sooro Renner reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We are dedicated to being agents of change by adopting sustainable practices in all our operations and continuously seeking innovative solutions that contribute to environmental preservation and community well-being. We invite you to join us on this journey, where every small action makes a difference. Let's build a sustainable future together.

At Sooro Renner, we plant the seeds of sustainability, harvesting a greener and more prosperous world for future generations. Discover our journey towards a sustainable future and learn more:

Social Sustainability

At Sooro Renner, we believe in the power of good deeds and awareness to promote meaningful changes in people's lives. That's why we contribute to organizations that fight for sustainability and the reduction of social inequality. We understand that these actions are essential to improve the quality of life. Our donations are directed through social, economic, and educational incentives. While they may differ in their approaches, they all share the same goal: to improve the lives of those who need it most. We are committed to actively engaging with the community in which we operate, utilizing our resources and actively interacting with them.

We strive to contribute sustainably to a more prosperous future, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda. At Sooro Renner, we are committed to building a fairer, resilient, and inclusive society. The projects we present cover various areas and demonstrate how a local action can have a significant impact on our collective lives. Through these initiatives, people of all ages and backgrounds have the opportunity to engage, learn, grow, and, above all, transform their own lives. We are dedicated to making a difference and building a better future for everyone.

Projects in Progress

Our ongoing projects aim to drive sustainability within our company. We are focused on the water reuse project and the reforestation project.

AquaRenova: Smart Water Reuse

The "AquaRenova: Smart Water Reuse" project by Sooro Renner aims to promote water sustainability and responsible use of natural resources. By implementing advanced systems for water capture, treatment, and reuse in its industrial operations, the company transforms used water into a safe and reliable source for various purposes. This sustainable approach reduces dependence on external water resources, contributing to the preservation of water sources and the mitigation of environmental impacts. Additionally, the project aims to lower operational costs and enhance the company's resilience in the face of water scarcity, demonstrating Sooro Renner's commitment to sustainability and the harmonization of economic growth with the preservation of natural resources.

Verde Vivo: Sustainable Reforestation

Through this project, we are dedicated to reforesting degraded areas, contributing to ecosystem restoration and the promotion of biodiversity. By strategically planting native trees, we are creating resilient forests capable of capturing and storing significant amounts of carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases responsible for the greenhouse effect. This action has a positive impact on reducing atmospheric emissions, contributing to climate stabilization and protecting the health of the planet. Additionally, the "Verde Vivo" project also promotes environmental awareness and engages the local community. Through partnerships and environmental education programs, we aim to involve the population in preservation and care actions for forests, encouraging shared responsibility for the environment.

Sustainability Policy

Sooro Renner engages directly with the environment in which it operates, utilizing resources and interacting with the community. We strive to act in a way that this involvement is mutually beneficial, aiming for global sustainable development with local engagement, meeting the interests of all stakeholders.

Generating economic value while respecting the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) guidelines.

Ensuring dignified, healthy, and safe working conditions while respecting diversities and human rights.

Promoting a culture of ethics dissemination and anti-corruption efforts.

Exercising transparency and engaging in honest relationships with stakeholders.

Promoting the training and development of professionals.

Promoting social actions and volunteering for the community.

Ensuring the preservation of environmental resources and minimizing the impacts on the environment in which we operate.

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