Our Code of Ethics and Conduct

    We have developed a special document that guarantees respectful, healthy, ethical and dignified working relationships. Know more.

    The Code of Ethics and Conduct is the first and most important step when you want to establish a culture of integrity. It is through the application of this code that we are able to offer better services, nurture healthier environments for our professionals and maintain transparency in the relationship with our suppliers.

    They are small daily and collective actions that form an organizational culture of quality and prestige. Essential to ensure transparency and respect for laws and regulations in the business environment.

    More than a document with the rules to be followed by the members of our organization, the Code of Ethics and Conduct establishes standards of behavior and ways of acting that are aligned with the Mission, Values ​​and Objectives of the company.

    Therefore, it is a guideline and a guide for all relations with customers, suppliers, partners, government agencies and other stakeholders.

    Studying the Code of Ethics means knowing the company’s objectives. Knowing him is essential for all professionals who want to be part of our organization. It is only with it, and through it, that internal growth happens and it is based on it that our internal career programs are designed.

    Its foundations have principles, such as:

  • Respect for life;

  • Good corporate governance practices;

  • Protection, promotion and awareness of human rights;

  • Corporate responsibility;

  • Act with responsibility, honesty, trust, respect and loyalty;

  • Among so many other fundamental issues for an organization’s daily corporate life.

  • Study the Code of Ethics and Conduct and make sure that all your actions are in line with the SOORO RENNER corporate objectives.

    Download our Code of Ethics and Conduct now. This document will be an important aid in resolving conflicts, obtaining better results, in matters of internal relationship and in the search for professional growth.

    Download our ethic code


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