Environmental, social and economic.

SOORO (Sustainable Organizations Observing Responsible Operations) is directly related to the environment in which it is inserted, using resources and interacting with the community.

What is sustainability?

What makes a company sustainable? We faced this question one day, long before the term made headlines and became popular on social media. This enduring concern has always been present in our daily lives, as our company is closely connected to the land.

We rely on the partnership of many family farms, and it is crucial for us that our actions contribute and never subtract. Therefore, our concept of sustainability is divided into three pillars:



and economic

Environmental sustainability

Sooro Renner is intimately connected to the environment in which it is inserted. We utilize resources and, therefore, depend on the environment. We are fully aware of our impact. As such, we are concerned about the needs of the society that is part of our history. We extract today but ensure that the region can continue generating resources in the future. We work today, always thinking about the next generations.

Our efforts towards environmental sustainability include:

Preserving water resources, reusing the water necessary for our processes, and ensuring that industrial liquid effluents receive proper treatment before being discharged into water bodies to avoid contamination.

Emissions of gases undergo periodic monitoring to prevent any type of pollution.

For us, this is the combination of the other two models. There is no economic sustainability without all involved sectors being focused on pursuing the same objectives. Therefore, it is only possible when a large corporation is able to work together with its region.

For economic sustainability solutions, in addition to all those mentioned earlier, we have:

Whey Water Reuse Project
Recognition among the top 5 finalists in the Medium Industry category.

Whey Water Reuse Project
Recognition among the top 5 finalists in the Medium Industry category.

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