05 options for replacing sugar: how to do it in a healthy way

Have you ever stopped to think how bad sugar is for your health on a daily basis? Maybe you even have a good idea about it, but anyway, we know it can be a little difficult to think of good substitutes for this product that is so common in everyday life. Thinking about that Sooro Mundo Whey prepared a complete content that will show you good tips on how to replace sugar in a healthy way and without suffering, click and check it out

Everyone already knows or at least has heard that the excess of sugar brings several complications for the body, both aesthetically, as for physical health as a whole, after all, this edible crystallized carbohydrate, technical name for sugar, can actually be responsible for several problems and annoyances in everyday life. 

While irresponsible consumption of this product affects all health in general, the problems most commonly associated with sugar are weight gain and increased body fat. However, regardless of what your goals are, know that sugar can easily be replaced by other, much healthier alternatives. 

In this complete content, the Sooro mundo whey blog brings several tips on how to find the best alternatives to sugar without leaving the taste and pleasure aside. Here, we will list some products that can replace sugar in your diet, increasing your overall health and optimizing your results. 

05 healthy alternatives to replace sugar. 

From Honey to Xylitol, there are several healthy and equally tasty options to replace the sugar in your diet. In this piece of content, we will point out five of the main alternatives available. Read on and check them out:

01 – Bee honey

As a good natural alternative to sugar, bee honey is a sweetener rich in some nutrients, these being mainly iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. 

Unlike sugar, honey does not have many calories and does not stimulate the production and increase of fat in the body. 

In addition, it is also important to note that honey has specific properties that facilitate digestion and has complex carbohydrates, so that the feeling of satiety lasts longer, after all, the body makes the digestion of these carbohydrates more slowly. 

02 – Cane molasses

Produced from the extraction of sugar cane juice, sugar cane syrup is a dark syrup that, like bee honey, has great sweetening capabilities, in addition to a wealth of nutrients and minerals that is very specific to sugar cane. 

Although sugarcane syrup is a healthy alternative to sugar, besides being free from processes such as refining, it is still produced from the same raw material as sugar and because of this, it can also bring some complications if used in large quantities. 

03 – Xylitol

Xylitol is another of the substances that can be used to replace, remove or reduce sugar in your diet. It is a product produced from alcohol that is acquired in fermentation processes of fruits and vegetables. 

In addition, Xylitol contains an average of 2 calories per gram, and because of this it is safe even for people with diabetes. 

04 – Brown sugar

Brown sugar, which is another of the sweeteners obtained from sugar cane, does not go through refining procedures, which helps it to keep its nutrients and particular properties intact. 

It is worth noting that although brown sugar is healthier than conventional sugar, it has the same average calories per gram as its rival, and so it is important to be careful with the intake of this product. 

05 – Coconut Sugar

Finally, coconut sugar has a low glycemic index when compared to other natural sweeteners, and in addition, it also has a high level of nutrients such as zinc, calcium, iron, and potassium. 

The downside of coconut sugar is that unfortunately it has a very considerable content of fructose (fruit sugar) which can lead to weight gain and fatty liver. 


Besides the options we have brought in this content, there are several other natural and healthy substitutes for sugar and choose to reduce this product from your diet, for sure will bring you good results, both aesthetic and physical health. 

Always seek the advice of a doctor or specialist in the area, it is only he who will be able to guide you assertively about your habits, diets, and restrictions. 

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