Brazilian whey: lose your fears and know the advantages

It is not today that the National Whey Protein comes up with a certain question mark in the minds of consumers. There are numerous doubts regarding the products and some false accusations.

We prepared this article to take all these questions out of the way and show you that there are many national products of great quality, at great prices.

There’s more, let’s talk honestly about how to ensure that your supplementation is made with healthy products produced by reputable companies. A frank conversation from those who train, to those who train.

So, come see closely what we have to say about National Whey.

National Whey Protein: where did the legend come from?

To begin, let’s demystify some doubts that arise in the mind of those who start supplementation: who said that National Whey is inferior?

It turns out that in the early 2000s, when supplementation was still largely confused with the use of anabolic steroids, many people mixed the products completely.

That is, what was actually an anabolic drug passed as if it were Whey Protein in the head of those who still did not know day to day at a gym. – we have a very detailed article talking about the difference between Whey Protein, supplements and the famous pump. Take a look at our blog.

So, in short, everything was born of a misunderstanding. People who had no information about what the fast-absorbing protein (Whey) was saw other people taking the product and believed it was a bomb. Then they discovered that pumps (anabolic steroids) are bad for your health. And they linked the two pieces of information.

But what about the National Wheys that were unsuccessful?

Now readers and readers with more information may be asking themselves: okay, there were really disagreements, but what about the Whey brands that didn’t have the same quality as foreign products?

This answer is also easy to explain.

Before, Brazil had a huge difficulty in the production of whey. A challenge even for SOORO RENNER, which had to struggle a lot in its beginning to establish itself as the company it is today.

Whey is the main component of Whey Protein, and its offer is crucial for the product to be developed with quality. So, as in American countries this element was already more present in the market, there was a facility for companies producing Whey Protein there.

This challenge is not so striking today. There is a much greater offer in Brazil in the production and handling of quality whey. It is even proud to say that SOORO RENNER is in the front of this revolution.

Therefore, the companies that produce Whey Protein in Brazil today have much more resources and quality raw material to work on their product.

Advantages of National Whey Protein

If before the National Whey was seen as a doubt, today it offers numerous advantages for those who want to consume or even work selling the product.


Let’s start with the price: a quality National Whey Protein, with purity worthy of the best products, today costs about 2x less than its imported version. With the imbalance of the national currency in relation to foreign banknotes, this value may be even more accentuated at different times of the year.


In addition, it is easier to find certain types of Whey Protein when you search among national brands. As imports have slowed in recent years, more complex types of Whey can be challenging – for example: the type that can be consumed even by people with lactose intolerance.

This offer is much wider in national options. Which brings us to the third advantage.


The national Whey Protein stocks are fed up. Today you can start your diet without any fear that the product will disappear from the shelves. The same cannot be said for foreign brands.

There’s more, the values ​​are also controllable and predictable. As production takes place 100% in the national territory, it is unlikely that the price for the final consumer will change sharply. In the case of imported products, this is a constant risk.

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There are many options on the market: from the traditional powdered Whey, to its versions in chocolate bars, creams for toast, biscuits, among many and many others.

This is a growing market in Brazil and the perspective is that more and more options are available, with fair prices and impeccable quality.

Now you know that National Whey is more than nominated , it even has advantages.

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Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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