High performance feed solutions

Feeding is the main factor for high performance of animals. Veterinarians found that differences in feeding from pregnancy to adulthood are paramount for the animal to grow up strong and healthy.

These experts explain that there are three fundamental factors for the good development of animals:

  • Genetic fitness;
  • Good training;
  • Quality food.

Of these three, it is food that guarantees good development. Including factors that involve better use of nutrients and positive impacts on the animals’ digestive cycles.

Today we are going to talk about the main solutions for high performance feed. Get comfortable and enjoy reading!

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The impact of high performance feeding on animal health

It is of little use to a horse to have aptitude and good training if he does not have the right fuel for the day-to-day efforts. In the same way, the growth of pigs will depend not only on the physical space, but above all, on the feed.

As a rule, all animals need protein, vitamins, minerals and energy for healthy development.

The main difference, when we talk about high performance food, is in the amount of meals necessary for the animal to make better use of the nutrients in its food.

Energy can also be translated as protein. Let’s use horses as an example, whether they are used in farming, or in competitions, these animals need a greater amount of energy in the ration, obtained through fat, carbohydrates, oats, corn and whey.

Therefore, the best food will be the one that will bring more benefits in a smaller amount.

Use of whey in high performance diets

We have already established that a high performance feed is the feed that offers the most benefits for the animal when compared to its common counterpart.

Let’s take for example our domestic companions, the dog. The common extruded feed of these animals can be benefited with the presence of whey. Increasing the absorption power of the food.

That is, pets that are suffering from various gastrointestinal problems can receive treatment using special rations made with concentrated whey. Therefore, even if the animal eats a few times a day, due to the problem, it will have all the necessary nutrients to continue the recovery.

High-performance feed: lower cost, greater animal welfare

High performance feed solutions are also applicable to the feeding of several other animals. In 2014, EMBRAPA found that the use of bovine whey in concentrated feed reduces costs for feeding lambs.

Goats showed higher feed conversion than those that ate feed with a high percentage of corn and soybean meal – feed conversion measures how much the animal took advantage of the feed received, converting it into effective weight gain.

According to the study released by EMBRAPA: Research has shown that with a diet made up of fewer ingredients, cheaper and easier to find, the animals ate less and gained the same percentage of weight. There was also a decrease in leftover feed, which shows that the food was also more palatable for sheep.

This technique was so revolutionary that today the concentrated feed (with the presence of whey) is also produced for several other animals, including pigs.

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Conclusion: final words and key points to keep

Points covered in our article:

  • Feeding is the most important factor in the development of an animal;
  • High-performance feed is able to provide more energy at less cost;
  • Animals fed with ration made with whey present greater fattening, even consuming less;
  • Pets and domestic animals also make use of high-performance feed, especially in special health conditions that require greater feed conversion.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that there are a multitude of factors in the production and extraction of whey, used in high performance diets.

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