How to speed up your metabolism the healthy way

You’ve certainly read about the importance of speeding up your metabolism and how it can directly impact your results, whether for fat loss or muscle mass gain, right? The thing is, do you know what practices can help you speed up your metabolism in a healthy way

In general, doctors, nutritionists and physical education professionals agree that speeding up the metabolism is an extremely important practice to stimulate greater results in muscle mass gain and fat loss, after all, with a functional and “faster” metabolism it is much easier to achieve the established results, whether for physical health reasons or simply aesthetic ones. 

In addition, by speeding up your metabolism, it becomes less and less necessary to adhere to radical diets or extremely intense workouts. If you like the subject, read on and see everything that Sooro Mundo Whey has prepared on the subject: 

Is metabolism genetic?

First of all, you should know that every person’s metabolism is different. After all, there are certain people who can always keep their weight even when eating everything, even if they sometimes have bad eating habits, right? 

But it is worth remembering that, although this ability to “not get fat” may seem incredible, it has nothing to do with the general health conditions of the person, after all, it is quite common for thin people to suffer from high cholesterol levels, for example, and several other health problems related to poor diet. 

Another interesting point is the fact that people’s metabolism usually slows down gradually after the age of 30, which can make it a little more difficult to see immediate results. 

But after all, how is the metabolism responsible for burning fat and gaining muscle mass? 

How does the metabolism work in losing weight and gaining muscle mass?

The metabolism does not act only during physical activities, it is present all the time in our daily life, and it is responsible for burning fat both at rest and in motion. 

Did you know that we burn fat in activities as simple as digestion or sleep? 

An interesting fact about the metabolism is that food alone burns about 10% of the calories consumed, and it is because of this that foods such as strawberries have so-called “negative calories”, since eating this fruit burns more calories than it has. 

Finally, it is with the regular practice of physical activities that the metabolism really shows its full potential, being possible, during them, to burn about 30% of the daily consumption of ingested calories. 

How to speed up the metabolism the healthy way

The basis for developing a faster metabolism is the ideal diet and regular physical activity, and for this, there are some interesting tips.

Increase protein intake

The intake of proteins is fundamental for building a faster metabolism, in this case, always opt for animal protein and preferably lean meats such as fish, low-fat beef cuts, chicken, and pork. 

As for vegetable-based proteins, it is interesting to invest in soy, legumes, and quinoa. Also choose to consume low-fat cheeses and eggs. 

Drink more water

Another crucial factor for a good metabolism and overall health is hydration. Keeping yourself constantly well-hydrated is one of the foundations of a perfect body functioning, also avoiding excessive fatigue, headaches, kidney complications, and even excessive hunger. 

Eat breakfast

A very common habit among Brazilians is to skip breakfast, and this practice is quite harmful to a healthy body. 

It happens that, during sleep, the body remains fasted for several hours and it is important to replenish the energy spent during this period. 

In addition, eating breakfast will prevent you from feeling too hungry at lunchtime, thus reducing overeating. 

For breakfast, opt for complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, such as whole-grain breads, oatmeal, and natural yogurt. 

Invest in thermogenics 

Several foods work as natural thermogenics, and it is important to invest in their consumption for several reasons, after all, they are able to work with the body’s temperature, causing more calories to be consumed during physical activities or daily life. 

Try to consume foods like ginger, coffee, peppers and others and to learn more about natural thermogenics, access the complete content that Sooro has produced on the subject: Click here. 

Bet on good fats

Good fats, from foods such as nuts, walnuts, seeds, and olive oils, are responsible for balancing fatty acids, preventing water retention, and slowing down the digestive process of carbohydrates, which results in better management of the energy generated by the body. 

Divide your meals

Another interesting way to keep your metabolism in good working order is to split your meals. 

Consuming food in less volume and more times during the day, about every 3 hours, helps the body to understand that there is not so much need to store fat, after all, the food is being eaten in a regular way. 


Last, and perhaps one of the most important habits in the quest for a faster metabolism, exercising on a regular basis will cause your body to consume more calories during the day. 

In addition, developing muscle mass will increase your body’s energy consumption, resulting in greater fat burning. 


Accelerating your metabolism in a healthy way is not as difficult a task as it seems, just align your diet plan with good exercise routines to start seeing gradual results. 

Remember to always count on the support of a specialist in the field, it is he who will help you set your goals and control your results in the healthiest way possible. 

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