Tips for losing your belly and sideburns

Whether it’s when it’s time to put on tighter pants or a cropped top, side fat bothers you? Content with tips on how to lose belly and the unwanted side fat, check it out

No matter if a little or a lot, anything in your body that is bothering you is important and you need to have access to possibilities of change, after all, feeling good about what you see in the mirror goes far beyond an aesthetic standard, it is self-esteem and freedom. 

Before even considering any invasive aesthetic procedures, such as liposuction, for example, it would be ideal for everyone who feels uncomfortable with their bodies to naturally try to reduce their measurements. Whether through more balanced diets or physical exercises.

With this in mind, we have prepared a complete content to present you some tips (that work) to lose belly.

Take care of your diet

Unfortunately, there is no natural and healthy magic solution to get rid of localized fat in a specific region of the body. For that, you will need to act, preferably, in two joint fronts, which is taking care of the diet and exercises. 

However, taking care of your diet in order to lose some fat is not as difficult as it seems: 

Invest in hydration

The first of all steps is hydration.

Without hydration there are no positive results, even with the best possible diets or workouts. 

Staying well hydrated (about 35ml of water per body kilo) is fundamental to maintain and speed up the metabolism. 

Hydration is also able to increase energy, prevent disease, and even reduce feelings of hunger. 

Decrease your daily caloric intake

Before we explain about the caloric intake, it is worth pointing out that unfortunately there is no way to lose fat in only one specific part of the body. 

Therefore a general fat burning is necessary, and decreasing the daily calorie intake is an essential part of this process. 

Here it is important to always calculate the average amount of calories you usually consume in a whole day.

To calculate this caloric expenditure you can use a formula developed by the World Health Organization. 

In this formula, the energy expenditure of the basic functions of the body is multiplied by an activity factor, which is a value that varies according to gender, weight, age, and types of activity performed during the day. 

Besides, there are websites that make this calculation in a very easy way. But of course, the ideal is to always consult a nutritionist.

After having an approximate notion of your average calories, think about how fast you want to lose weight, keeping in mind that the more aggressive your diet is, the harder it will be to maintain it in the long term. 

Once you understand all these factors, start gradually reducing your daily calorie intake, try to reduce it approximately 10% in the first 15 days and observe the results. 

After that, take note of your body measurements with a tape measure and progress in reducing calorie intake. 

Villains: fried foods and sugars

Another important step to boost your fat burning when you are consuming fewer calories is to completely cut fried food and excess sugars from your diet. 

It happens that many times the consumption of fried and sugary foods occurs between one meal and another because of the sudden hunger that arises. 

To avoid this, bet on natural protein sources such as chicken and fish, foods that besides providing fuel for physical training, will help you stay satiated for longer. 

Physical exercises

It’s time to talk about the ‘second front’, which we mentioned in the first topic of this article.

Toning physical exercises aligned with a balanced diet will make your results even more expressive!

Therefore, remember that it is necessary to align diet and workouts, after all, exercise alone will not make you lose fat, instead, it will only help you build muscle underneath this fat. 

Finally, adopt an aerobic exercise routine of at least 30 minutes in 5 times a week, here are some recommendations for belly-burning exercises:


Very simple, the burpee is an exercise capable of working the entire body and one of its main advantages is that there is no need to use external materials, such as washers, for example. 

Another positive point for the burpee is that it works the muscles of the back, chest, legs, arms, and buttocks very intensely. It is a great weapon to get rid of fat. 

Three sets of 8 to 12 burpees will be enough for you to reduce some measures in a few weeks. 

Air Bicycle

Used as a variation of the most common sit-ups, the aerial bicycle combines muscular exercises with flexion of the trunk and hips. 

Invest in 4 sets of 30 repetitions of this exercise and see results. 


A little feared by those who already know it, the isometric plank is widely used by those who want to lose belly, after all, this is a very good exercise for this goal. 

At least 30 seconds and as much as you can handle. The ideal is always to go to the limit, aiming for at least 1 minute in the position.

Good-bye little tires!

Although it is necessary to get your hands dirty to lose localized fat in a natural way, not everything is as difficult as it seems! 

Start your project as soon as possible and follow to the letter the tips we have brought.  

You can always count on the support of Sooro Renner – Nutrição que Gera Resultados. 

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