How to gain more punching power in Boxing and other fights

Today we bring you special content for those of you who have started training for a fight and feel that your punches are not strong enough. We will learn how to give more power, strength and speed, especially in punching.

Why do I retain liquids? Understand the causes of fluid retention

"I've just started training at the gym recently and I've already felt that it has deflated a bit, it's just that I retain a lot of liquids." Have you heard (or said) this sentence before? Well, it's real. In today's article we will explain the science behind fluid retention.

Why can’t I lose weight?

Since we started this blog with tips for you who want to have the body of your dreams, we have received many questions like: "but why can't I lose weight?"

Tips for increasing strength in 21 days

Want to gain more strength in just 21 days? That is the promise of today's article. We will bring you strategies that work and generate results in a very short time.

Checklist to get a defined abdomen in 3 months

Straight to the point article, a checklist to get a defined abdomen in 3 months. These are exercises that really work and have already been tested by personal trainers all over Brazil.

What are the benefits of supplementation?

This is a question that many people ask whenever they talk about gaining muscle, or increasing the effectiveness of their workouts: what are the benefits of supplementation?

Creatine or Whey? Understand the differences between the two!

Whey or creatine? Which of these two supplements is more suitable for you and what are the advantages of each one. Today our article brings information about this doubt that is quite common.

Things nobody tells you about training in the sun

Training in the sun, exercising in the height of summer, burning off energy during the heat. These are activities that, if you don't have the right information, you will be putting your health at risk.

Physical exercise and memory: is your memory bad? Training can help

Are you forgetting things a lot? This is a common problem in the fast-paced modern world we live in. It seems that all the time we are forgetting important things. But you should know that physical exercises can help your memory.

What are pre-hormones and how do they combine with supplementation?

Anyone who starts a training routine quickly comes into contact with two things: supplementation and pre-hormones. Today we want to clear up the doubts between the two.

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