Heart Rate Zones: How to Train According to Your Heart Rate

Heart rate zones, if you're not monitoring them during your workouts, then your workouts are compromised in terms of results.


How to combat overtraining and the signs that you might be pushing yourself too hard

Are you falling into the overtraining trap and jeopardizing all your results in the pursuit of pure haste?


Music and Training: How the Right Playlist Can Boost Your Performance

Music and training, have you ever noticed how this combination works so well?

How the Brain Learns? Improve Your Gym Workouts

How the Brain Learns? Improve Your Gym Workouts Unlock your gym potential by understanding how the brain learns.


How to Fall? Tips for Practicing Extreme Sports

Discover the art of controlled falling in extreme sports. Learn the physics of impact and prepare your mind and body for challenges. Access now and elevate your training!


Difficulties in your workouts? How to stay calm and perform exercises without making mistakes!

Have you noticed how some people struggle with their workouts? When the time comes, their bodies tense up, nerves kick in, movements become rigid, and results are slow to appear. Or worse, performing exercises incorrectly can lead to injuries and even negative effects on the body, muscles, and, why not, self-esteem. Today, we have gathered


Post-Workout Pain: How to Know When to Worry?

Post-workout pain - how to tell if what you're feeling is normal or if you need to consult a specialized professional? Today, we'll find out


Evolution in Workouts: How to Understand Your Pace and Avoid Injuries?

Learn how to track and understand your progress in workouts and achieve your desired body much faster. Check out the tips!


Runner’s High: The Euphoria Runners Love to Feel!

Discover the Runner's High, the euphoria of runners, an incredible feeling of pleasure and well-being during the run. Let's run together?!


Best Time to Practice Running

Morning, afternoon, or evening? Check the advantages and disadvantages of different times for running.

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