Whey: how this ingredient is present in food and what are its advantages

You may not know it, but concentrated whey is present in many everyday foods. From cakes and sweets, to the rations that are offered to our dear pets.

And what is whey? Well, once a by-product of the cheese and dairy products industry, whey has become a very important element of our modern diet. Fundamental for the production of foods with high protein contents (such as Whey Protein). Whey is virtually everywhere.

Why is knowing this important? Because whey is rich in animal protein. So, if you are looking for foods to supplement protein replacement and have more energy to work out, these foods are a great start.

Okay, let’s get started!

Bakery and cookies

Whey is very present in cookies, breads and cakes in general. Even homemade cookies made with the ingredient are found.

Great aid in the formation of the color and flavor of the food, it is very easy to find foods made with it in the bakery.

Examples: Toast, oatmeal cookie, biscuits, curd snacks.

Whey Protein

This is undoubtedly the food where whey is most present. For those who have no experience in sports nutrition. Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is a fast-absorbing animal protein repository.

Thus, whey appears as the main ingredient for Whey, since its main characteristic consists precisely in the abundant supply of animal protein, with high absorption rates.

Examples: all types of Whey Protein on the market are made with whey.

Ice cream and frozen desserts

Whey is also present in ice cream, chocolates, dairy sweets and frozen edible desserts.

Because it has high solubility, and is a great agent for volume generation, whey appears as an especially potent ingredient for these foods.

Examples: ice cream with chocolate peel and vanilla filling, truffle ice cream, ice cream cone, popsicles, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, condensed milk, or practically any flavor that is not entirely derived from the fruit.


Ricotta is a dairy that has several benefits, especially because it is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E. Produced almost entirely with whey protein – called albumin.

Suitable for those who want a food with a strong dairy flavor (like cheese), but want to maintain or lose weight. Thanks to the low fat content, food is quickly digested by the intestine.

Examples: ricotta can be found in different sizes and produced by numerous brands. Read the nutrition chart carefully to ensure that the product purchased is produced with low fat.

Fermented dairy drinks

Whey is one of the main ingredients in fermented milk drinks. Sources of calcium and protein, these drinks are very confused with yogurts, so special attention is needed.

You can identify a dairy drink by its label, which will eliminate any confusion. The milk base of these drinks must represent at least 51% of the mass of the total ingredients used. Yogurt, on the other hand, consists entirely of pure milk.

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Whey candy

There is also whey candy, which has almost the same characteristics as a traditional milk candy. That is, they are the same in color, texture and even flavor.

So, what is the main difference between whey candy and traditional whey candy? Basically, the production method. The whey candy is focused on making full use of milk.

These were some of the main foods made from whey. Now you know that you can look for any of these options when you want something with a high presence of lactose, or fast-absorbing proteins.

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