05 Foods that are good for the heart

There are several natural ways to fight blood pressure or other heart diseases, learn how to avoid some serious complications just by consuming certain foods

You’ve probably heard the story that consuming a glass of wine a day is a good practice for cardiovascular health, right? It turns out that not only wine, but several other foods are also heart-healthy, and even recommended by experts when it comes to cardiovascular health. 

One of the worst problems of arterial diseases is that both in cases of blood pressure and when there is accumulation of fatty plaques in the arteries (Atherosclerosis) the disease is silent, i.e., it does not present any symptoms, causing the carrier to live normally until the problem suddenly becomes complicated, and usually at this point, the care is not so effective. 

Because of this, it is very important to take care of your heart health while there is still time, and to help you in this task, besides a routine of exercise and healthy eating habits, it is possible to count on the support of some specific foods that can boost cardiovascular health. 

Are you interested in the subject and want to know which foods should be included in your diet for long-term heart health? Keep reading and check out the next topics in this content. 

Foods that are good for the heart

Before we present you the list we prepared about the five main foods that have properties capable of acting positively on heart health, it is important to emphasize again that your health in general will always depend on the habits and lifestyle you have. 

A good diet, aligned with a plan of recurrent physical activity, is capable of making the blood flow better and the arteries and blood vessels more flexible, resulting in a healthier heart. 

Now, check out the main foods that help heart health: 

Whole-grain foods and fiber

In addition to being great allies in the weight loss process for those who have a little difficulty in feeling satiated, the fiber that whole-grain foods have is also capable of reducing bad cholesterol, which directly reduces the risks of heart disease. 

To eat more whole grain foods and consequently more fiber, invest, for example, in: Brown Rice, Oats, whole grain breads, Quinoa, Flaxseed and Corn. 

Olive Oil – Extra Virgin

Olive Oil is another favorite food of those who have healthy eating habits. After all, in addition to its health benefits, it is extremely versatile, which facilitates its ingestion, and it can be consumed in salads as a seasoning or as an alternative for the preparation of meat and other products. 

The main benefits of olive oil are its antioxidant capabilities, its ability to increase good cholesterol, and its ability to reduce bad cholesterol, which prevents cardiovascular disease. 

Omega-3 rich fish 

Another food with incredible heart-positive properties are omega-3 rich fish. 

Sardines, Salmon, and Tuna are some examples of meats that have this nutrient, which is responsible for regulating cholesterol levels. 


Garlic, although not as well accepted by those with a slightly more sensitive palate, has several health benefits, and because of this, has been used as a healing food for hundreds of years, after all, through a component known as Alicin, in addition to anti-inflammatory effects, garlic is able to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. . 

Tip: Besides seasoning foods or “in natura” as some people like to consume, garlic can be served cooked in salads or even in the composition of some teas. 


Due to the presence of a strong antioxidant known as Lycopene, the Tomato improves blood circulation through the body, which helps reduce the various naturally occurring inflammations, in addition to fighting LDL cholesterol, which is one of the major causes of cardiovascular diseases. 

Because of its anti-inflammatory action, tomatoes are also a good food to be taken by those who have been suffering from post-workout pain. And if this is your case, check out the content we have prepared on the subject: 05 Foods to avoid training pains. 

Your heart healthy

See how difficult it is to keep your heart health up to date? Well, in this content you had the opportunity to understand that some foods are great natural alternatives that can help combat serious health problems before they even develop. 

Always keep in mind that diet and a balanced diet go hand in hand and are responsible for a healthier life! Sooro Renner, nutrition that generates results.

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