Animal feed: production details

This article is for you who want to know what are the most suitable solutions for animal feed and what are the details of production.

Did you know that whey is an important element in high performance animal feed? Today we will explain how this element that has already been discarded by the market has become an important raw material for several sectors.

Then, without further delay. Let’s start. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy reading.

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How animal feed is made

What are the requirements that the feed composition must meet?

Producers and technicians are professionals who work in the health sector and are concerned with the composition of animal feed. However, would there be a specific formula that suits all cases? For example:

  • Engorda
  • Performance of the animal’s physical activities
  • Health
  • Aesthetics (hair beauty)
  • Etc .

Well, to know that, we have to talk in detail about some elements.

Although there is no single composition that guarantees performance for animal production, we can say that there is a standard. A practice that makes perfect sense when it comes to performance.

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Animal nutrition for performance

We need to remember that each species has a specific nutritional requirement to grow, develop and produce.

Taking all this into account, and respecting the health of the animals. When thinking about increasing productivity through food, we need to take into account other factors, they are:

To know the genetic potential of creation. So, for a horse to be a race champion, just feeding, although important, is enough. This animal also needs to have a genetic predisposition to accomplish the task.

And from there, administering the correct animal feed, which meets the nutritional requirement of the species to perform, will be essential.

That is, high-performance feeding is a fuel that feeds an animal with excellent genetic predisposition.

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High performance animal feed composition

Normally a high performance animal feed has:

  • 34% Crude Protein,
  • Minerals, enriched with vitamins A, D and E, developed for beef cattle feedlots without the use of roughage, with the concentrate and corn grain.

This is a pelleted mixture, which facilitates homogenization of the diet. It is also indicated that the feed has virginiamycin, an animal performance enhancer. This reduces the production of acid in the rumen, giving stability to rumen pH.

It also has monensin in its formulation, providing better feed conversion and balance of rumen flora.

What it takes to be a complete animal feed

Always meeting the specific needs of the production system and animal category, the producer must mix 15% of grains with 85% of whole grains of corn (without grinding or breaking).

This mixture will make up an animal feed that will be the exclusive diet. Once adapted, between 2.0% and 2.2% of body weight can be supplied daily, dividing the total diet eat at least two meals a day.

If the animals are not yet adapted to the diet, it is necessary to adapt and always leave water at ease.

Feeding for dairy cattle

This food is usually formulated with 24% protein, which can be found in whey. Because it is a high energy, mineralized, enriched with vitamins A, D and E, and made with noble ingredients.

This type of mixture is indicated to meet the nutritional requirements of animals with high production potential.

One indicated with good quality roughage, silages in general, as well as added in total diet. If you want a higher productive performance of the cows, the producer can also count on lasalocid ionophore in its formulation, which improves feed efficiency, also having palatability characteristics.

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What is pelletizing?

Pelletizing takes place after mixing. At this stage, for safety, it is essential to observe the steam that is injected. A good pelletization guarantees the durability of the pellets, prevents fines and burnt rations. Thus, there is a better level of quality directly reflecting when feeding the animal.

The feed with a good quality, resistant pellet, with a standardized size will ensure that the animal eats properly. Therefore, the size obtained with pelletizing is very relevant when manufacturing feed in an industry.

This was our article talking about more details about the production of animal feed. If you want to read more content like this, keep following our Blog . We are always bringing tips and news on high performance nutrition.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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