End of Year Promises? Secrets to keep yours until the end of 2022

Do you make a lot of end-of-year promises? You know, goals to complete by 2022, objectives you want to achieve, results you want to achieve, etc.? Well, did you know that over 75% of people abandon these goals before March?

Although this is a scary number, it is true. Think about it, less than 1/4 of people are living their New Year’s Eve dreams every year.

That is why we have created today’s article. We will teach you how to be part of the 25% who are able to see their goals through to the end. 

Get comfortable and enjoy the reading. 

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Consider what needs to be changed!

To start setting goals, it is important to do some deep reflection on your last year:

  • What do you wish you had accomplished and failed to complete?
  • What kind of person do you want to be in the year to come? 
  • What made you sad and what will make you happier?

Think about everything you have lived and wish you had lived to make a sincere retrospective and an overall balance of what, in fact, needs to be changed.

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Start with one thing at a time

Does your list of promises have more than 10 items? It is worth breaking your head to reduce it. 

Since each goal requires a good deal of time and energy to achieve, piling up too many aspirations can mean not doing anything right. A good idea is to simplify things by focusing on just one goal – one that is specific and, above all, reasonable. 

Don’t think too big – at least at first

It is better to put in your head “I’m going to run 10 kilometers” than simply “I’m going to start running,” of course.

But at the same time, the question “Can I really run 10 kilometers without dying in the process?” is worth asking. Starting with shorter workouts and then gradually picking up the pace tends to make things easier – and give the impression that you are making progress. 

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Be assertive with your promises

If there is something you really want to accomplish in the new year, then don’t be too vague. For example, many people promise to be healthier. Except that leading a healthier life altogether may be a more long-term goal, especially for those who don’t have healthy habits.

Now, exercising twice a week, eating fast food only once a month, and starting supplementation are already more assertive promises.

Organize the steps

Organization is the main step to achieve any goal. Be organized and you will have plenty of time to dedicate to your goals.

Take notes, plan, set up a schedule. Keep track of your process. This makes it easier to measure your progress and know if you are close to reaching your goal.

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Write goals in a positive way

For example, instead of stating that you will not drink alcoholic beverages during the week, set a day on the weekend to have your favorite drink – alcoholic or not – as a reward.

Instead of saying “I will not drink during the week”, say “I will drink only on Saturdays”. 

Scientists consider that this way is more effective because it requires less negative energy to suppress the cravings, and prevents the brain from seeing it as a kind of revenge.

Break the macro goal into micro goals 

This tip is related to the previous two. Instead of setting a big, hard-to-achieve goal, break it down into smaller, preferably monthly goals. Said in a positive way.

When you create mini-goals, your mind understands that the goal will be achieved gradually. This avoids the frustration of not achieving anything bigger. For example, let’s say you wanted to “read 12 books in 2022”, organize yourself this way:

  • Day one: define your reading preferences: genre, recommended authors, and so on;
  • Second day: ask friends or colleagues for book recommendations;
  • Third day: make a list of the books you intend to read;
  • Fourth day: choose the first book and start reading. 

From this point on, it will be easier. The important thing is to start.

There you go, by following these steps you will have a better chance of completing all your goals by the end of 2022.

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