How Sports Nutrition Boosts Your Results

We will explain the physiological mechanics behind the exercises and also show you how to gain muscle mass. Maintain the desired body and always be healthy But, as we know that the subject could become too technical, we took care to talk about nutrition and results in a practical and efficient way. Okay, let’s get

We will explain the physiological mechanics behind the exercises and also show you how to gain muscle mass. Maintain the desired body and always be healthy

But, as we know that the subject could become too technical, we took care to talk about nutrition and results in a practical and efficient way.

Okay, let’s get started. Get comfortable and enjoy reading.

What is Whey Protein (WPC)

WPC stands for Whey Protein Concentrate, a protein supplement extracted from whey. It has numerous benefits, the main one being the aid in the process of muscle hypertrophy, a phenomenon that occurs after the execution of strength training.

There are 3 types of Whey Protein:

  • Concentrate: The most accessible type because it contains the least amount of protein (around 25% to 85%). It also contains significant amounts of other nutrients, such as lactose, fats and minerals.
  • Isolated: It is the type of Whey Protein that has higher amounts of protein (90 to 95%) and very low percentage of fats (0.5 to 1%), and lactose (0.5 to 1%). Indicated for athletes and people with restrictive diets in relation to carbohydrates.
  • Hydrolyzate: The type with the highest processing rate in its manufacture and for this reason with high cost. Its production facilitates the absorption of protein by the body. Indicated for people with gastrointestinal disorders or food intolerances.

Sports Nutrition: how to consume Whey Protein safely

The consumption of Whey Protein needs to be planned and taking into account 3 main points:

  • Day period
  • Protein Quantity / Rate
  • Mixture

Understanding these three points is critical to consuming Whey Protein safely. Incorrect practices can interfere with your training results and mass gain.

Why choose the right time

Choosing an appropriate time to consume Whey Protein is the first success factor, learn now how:

Time is of the essence, as the body has different responses to protein throughout the day. Thus, there are key moments when the consumption of Whey will be responsible for bringing more benefits for those seeking hypertrophy.

The correct time is related to catabolism and anabolism, let’s see both in detail:

  • Anabolism, metabolic process synthesizing complex molecules by means of simple substances;
  • Catabolism, a metabolic process that decomposes complex molecules, transforming them into smaller molecules.

Anabolic vs. Catabolic Phases

The anabolic phase is the post-workout period, where muscle regeneration takes place. It is the time when the body seeks elements to rebuild the “worn out” muscles during training.

Note that when we talk about training and energy expenditure, we need to focus on the catabolism phase. This is the “destructive” phase of metabolism, when the body “uses” muscles to produce energy. Required to perform the task.

That is, when you lift a weight or make a physical effort, your body enters a state of catabolism, burning various elements in search of energy to perform the exercise.

Then, naturally, your body goes into a state of regeneration, when it rebuilds the damaged muscles and restructures the body in search of a state of rest. At that time, concentrated protein replaces fat, expanding your body’s muscle mass.

It is worth mentioning that this information has been summarized, but it is enough for you to have a very approximate idea of ​​how metabolism works during exercise.

How to choose the correct time to consume Whey Protein

In the reconstruction phase, the metabolism will look for different energy sources, and those with greater disposition will be used first. Usually carbohydrates, stored in the form of glucose / glycogen.

So carbohydrates are the source of fast energy. And here comes crucial information, the second source of energy available is muscle protein. However, the breakdown of muscle protein is not indicated in the search for hypertrophy.

For if every time you do an exercise your body “burns” muscles, you will go through the regeneration part just to “pay off the debt”. That is, your body will gain little (if any) muscle mass.

That’s when Whey Protein changes the rules of the metabolic game

Whey protein is rapidly absorbed. Therefore, quickly digested, being at the disposal of the body before it needs muscle proteins. For that reason, post-workout is the golden moment to take Whey Protein and get good results in the hypertrophy process.

When consumed right after strength training, Whey Protein has the ability to replace the protein lost during training, before the body seeks protein from the muscles. This process prevents muscle breakdown, you will be able to achieve the much desired hypertrophy.

What other times of the day should I consume Whey Protein?

We already know that Sports Nutrition, specifically Whey Protein, has a big impact on post-workout consumption, but is it the only time? Let’s see in detail.

In fact, there are several other times of the day where the consumption of Whey Protein is highly recommended, especially because it is a protein that is so easily absorbed.

Consuming Whey Protein at rest increases your energy reserve

As we said, the training / post-training moment stimulates catabolic processes of metabolism, whereas the rest phase is where the process is anabolic. In this sense, for muscle development, anabolic processes are responsible for repairing damaged muscles, see:

  • Overload exercises generate microlesions in the muscle fibers. And if your body has the availability of proteins provided by Whey, the process of rebuilding these fibers occurs in the best way.

Therefore, Whey Protein will be an important ally to maintain the balance of proteins in the body, especially before going to sleep, or in moments of rest in the afternoon, when it is more difficult to consume proteins through solid diet.

Today we talked about the correct time to take Whey Protein, this is just one of the factors of success in the correct consumption.

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Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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