How to invest more in your health: 12 important tips for your quality of life

Do you know what quality of life is? Today we brought you an article full of tips for you to put into practice and take care of your health. Have a more peaceful and pleasant life.

We are sure that if you use these 12 pieces of advice your life will be considerably better.

And we can make that promise without any fear or fear, as they are practical, day-to-day tips that show results in the first few weeks.

We leave the challenge. Put the 12 tips into practice and then tell us what the results were.

So here we go. Get comfortable and enjoy reading!

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  1. Share your emotions

You are not alone. A journey of health and well-being becomes lighter when you share, so socialize. Involve family and friends in your new habits, spread your emotions with everyone, share your difficulties, ask for help, celebrate the results with someone.

  1. Watch out for sugar

Sugar consumed in excess can result in several health problems, such as diabetes and insulin resistance. In addition, sugar causes weight gain. Therefore, excess sugar should be avoided.

  1. Take care of the mind too

Taking care of mental health is just as important as the body. Taking frequent readings, practicing an activity where thinking has to be stimulated – like yoga or pilates, for example – are ways to keep your mind healthy and improve your quality of life.

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  1. Get hydrated

The human body is made up of about 70% water. The lack of this vital fluid directly affects the functioning of the organism. Therefore, staying hydrated prevents a series of problems, bringing more quality to your daily life.

  1. No pessimism

Every day, bad news floods the newspapers. It is also common for something not to go out of the way you planned. But, thinking positive and practicing gratitude is essential to not get into a bad mindset.

Instead of thinking about what you could have from this, look ahead and see how you learned from that stumbling block. And celebrate the small victories; they also deserve to be celebrated.

  1. Cut addictions

All the tips you have followed so far are important and will make a difference in your life if applied. However, maintaining health-damaging addictions can negate this initiative. And in this case, I mean smoking, drinking and even using chemicals. To have quality of life you need to eliminate these addictions immediately.

We know that losing an addiction can be complex. In this case, we indicate that you count on the assistance of specialized professionals. We all deserve a healthy life, and there is nothing wrong with having an addiction. The mistake is in not asking for help.

  1. Sleep well

A good night’s sleep is highly restorative. Start your walk towards health, realizing if your sleep is regular, uninterrupted and if you wake up rested.

Otherwise, all other steps will be more difficult and perhaps insufficient to achieve health. Sleep is the main moment of repair, regeneration and recovery of the body and cannot, in any way, be unbalanced.

  1. Check your weight

A balanced diet, rich in nutrients, and the regular practice of exercise will help you maintain your ideal weight. Overweight and obesity, in addition to raising the risk of diabetes, stroke, hypertension and apnea, are behind 30% of cancer cases, according to data collected by the International Union for Combating Cancer (UICC).


Therefore, diet regulation is essential. In addition to improving health and self-esteem, weight loss also favors memory, according to research carried out by Hospital das Clínicas, in São Paulo.

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  1. Work out

Improving the quality of life implies, in the first place, assuming healthy habits . Replacing a sedentary routine with physical exercise is, therefore, the first step for those who want to live better.

In addition to the benefits for the body (control of blood pressure, breathing capacity and cholesterol levels, among others), a walk or light run at the end of the day is excellent for recovering your mood, relieving stress and airing your ideas.

  1. Cultivate friendships

We are able to feel from afar the benefits that living with loved ones brings us. But having a good network of friends can be more important than you think.

A recent survey by Brigham Young University, USA, found that those who live surrounded by friends and neighbors can live up to 50% longer than someone who lives alone.

For researchers, losing social support can decrease the chances of survival even more than obesity, smoking and physical inactivity.

11. Have time for yourself

Virtually all health and wellness tips lists have this item – and it’s no wonder! Taking a few minutes a day to do something you like can have a big impact on your quality of life.

Watch a movie, read a book, listen to music, play with your pet. This will distract you from problems and send stress away.

12. Get to know yourself

Try to “listen” to your body and mind. Be aware of signs and commands that may signal the need for a change of posture. Sometimes, the body and the mind emit signals as indications of possible problems or something that is not going well.

It is necessary to develop the necessary skill to perceive these signs and adopt the measures that enable the best solutions to promote health and improve the quality of life.

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Concept of quality of life and health

According to the WHO, the definition of quality of life is the perception that an individual has about his position in life, within different contexts. For example, culture and values ​​in which it is inserted and in relation to its objectives, expectations, standards and concerns.

Therefore, it is a definition that contemplates the influence of physical and psychological health, level of independence, personal beliefs and the characteristics inherent to the person’s environment.

Therefore, quality of life is defined as the “satisfaction of the individual with regard to his daily life”

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