Is Whey Protein Bomb? We explain calmly

Workouts are on the rise. If you pay a quick visit to the gym in your neighborhood, or the famous one at the mall, you will find several people of all ages practicing exercises. Training is no longer a “maromba thing” and has become something common in everyday life. Which is excellent.

And with that the consumption of products previously seen only in the hands of the people who trained regularly is now on the shelves of all supermarkets. Among these products: Whey Protein.

Then, when this supplement fell into popular taste, a question quickly arose: is Whey Protein a bomb? What are its effects? Can everyone take it?

Today we brought you a complete article just to clear up this doubt and inform you about all the characteristics, qualities and possible defects of this very important element in life of those who train.

Come and see what we can talk about Whey Protein up close.

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What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is a fast-absorbing protein supplement. It was born from a by-product of the dairy industry: the whey. In the past, this element was used only in the manufacture of feed for large animals.

However, after observations and studies, it was found that the consumption of whey provides the body with a safe stock of protein that can be used to repair muscles.

So, it was reconfigured and today it is present in the diet of all people who seek better results for their exercises. It is even indicated for consumption at senior ages, and as an element to combat the accumulation of body fat.

Whey Protein is a supplement . We can compare its performance as a vitamin that you take to improve your immunity, for example

What is “Bomb”?

The famous “Bomba” is an anabolic. A product developed in the laboratory with a specific objective.

The most common anabolic steroids are those designed to fight muscle atrophy – in people who suffer from this condition. However, in gyms they are used by healthy people, in order to accelerate the process of muscle growth (muscle hypertrophy).

Anabolic steroids, therefore, are chemical compositions and are not natural. What’s more, they have numerous side effects. The most common are:

  • Thin hair, thanks to excess testosterone
  • Irritated, red and pimpled skin
  • Thickened vocal cords in women
  • Hair growing in specific groups by the body
  • Breast augmentation in men
  • Breast reduction in women
  • Falling libido
  • There are cases of sexual impotence severe

Therefore, understand that the use of anabolic steroids is comparable to the consumption of heavy medicines. It is exactly as if a person without any physical problem used a prescription for a specific problem, with the intention of obtaining faster results.

As the Whey Protein is a protein, derived from the whey of milk, has very low interference in production – done in a natural and regulated way. It is not, never has been, and never will be, a “bomb” or an anabolic.

It does not have the same side effects. In reality, Whey Protein does not yet have any indicated side effects in the medical literature.

Cataloged benefits of Whey Protein

Now that you know the difference between a supplement and an anabolic, we can talk about the main benefits of Whey Protein and thus demystify the doubts about this product once and for all.

The main benefits are:

  • Improved training’s performance
  • Increased energy supply
  • Influence on the development of a healthy eating habit
  • Organic, natural gains in muscle mass

Protein x anabolic supplements

We are reaching the end of this article and we want to leave you with a basic idea about the difference between supplementation and anabolic treatment.

Well, now you know that Whey Protein is not a bomb , but we want the differences to be clear, so you can compare other products in the future and find out for yourself if they are anabolic ( therefore, medicines) or not.

Tip: Find out if the product is cataloged as a supplement. Every protein supplement works as a natural way to increase your energy reserves. That is, it is a protein that your body absorbs quickly and leaves at the disposal of the metabolic system. Your metabolism will make use of that extra energy in repairing your muscles so that you gain mass in an organic, efficient and safe way.

The pump (anabolic) works exactly like a medicine. It interferes with your body’s natural processes, acting mainly on the production of testosterone (male hormone). Its performance is not natural. Acting as an “invasive” element that reprograms metabolism.

So, our recommendation is for you to always look for natural supplements. Made by reputable companies and certified by the competent food security agencies.

We hope that today’s article has answered your questions about Whey Protein.

Do you want to know more about the subject? Then keep following our Blog . We are always bringing tips, news and secrets about the world of high performance food.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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