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Let’s talk about national Whey?!

Let’s face it, we know that many people turn up their noses when we talk about national Whey, but let Mundo Whey prove to you that this opinion is wrong.

National whey has great quality. Rivals side by side with the best international brands.

Do not believe? Yes, today we are going to show the advantages of it.

But here, we value the right information. Without thinking, without kicks in the dark, let’s talk about facts.

And the facts are accompanied by technical arguments. Then, we will show the real causes that make national Whey an excellent option.

There’s more, the conversation will be technical, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. We will explain everything in a light and easy to absorb way.

And then? Let’s talk about national Whey? Follow.

Whey Protein: technical details

WPC 34, WPC 60, WPC 80, WPI. Anyone who likes to train certainly knows all these identifications by name.

We are sure that this may be your case.

However, do you also know the composition of these products? Did you know that this is very important?

Of course, because then you will be able to choose much more calmly which is the ideal supplement for your case.

So, let’s quickly brush up on what WPCs and WPI are.

Understand where Whey Protein came from

Whey Protein is the whey protein that has long been discarded. Obtained in the manufacture of some types of cheese, this substance was only a by-product and several times was destined for the trash can.

Reasons for Whey Success

Until they discovered the application for this protein. Due to its great post-exercise muscle recovery capacity and immunological capacity, milk protein has won the favor of those who train. From a by-product he became a star of the first magnitude of nutrition.

Immune protection comes from cysteine, rich in milk protein. An amino acid that raises glutathione concentrations. A powerful antioxidant agent.

Muscle recovery happens thanks to the essential amino acids present in milk protein. With special emphasis on the branched chain (ACR).

These amino acids are important in protein synthesis for muscle recovery.

What do the WPC numbers mean?

So, Whey Protein Concentrated (WPC), contains significant amounts of lactose and fat.

For example, WPC 34 has 34% milk protein in its composition. Thus, WPC 60 has 60%, WPC 80 has 80%. Etc.

The higher the protein value, the lower the presence of fat and lactose.

WPI and the legend of WPC 88

Some people are looking for a legendary product called WPC 88, unfortunately it doesn’t exist. It turns out that such large amounts of milk protein require other isolation techniques.

Therefore, when producing a supplement with more than 80% milk protein, one of the strategies adopted is its isolation.

Hence the WPI (Isolated Whey Protein). Reaching 90% milk protein. Decreasing the total amount of fats and lactose to minimum levels.

Whey permeate and Whey Protein, what you need to know

Well, now you know that Whey Protein is the milk protein used for the maintenance of muscles in the post-workout, let’s talk about the products that appear in its manufacture.

Permeate (or permeate) is a co-product of WPC: that is, to produce Whey Protein, we consequently generate permeate. Produced by separating protein and other whey solids. This substance is rich in lactose and has a very pleasant taste.

Which makes it perfect as an ingredient in many foods. So, every time a product contains “Whey Permeate”. You already know that you will be faced with a tasty food rich in several elements beneficial to health, such as chocolates, ice cream, breads, etc.

National Whey: advantages

Will all national Whey be better than imported? Of course not, but also not all Whey importing has an advantage.

Everything will depend on three determining factors, write them down:

  • Quality raw material
  • Food technology applied to development
  • Transparency with the consumer

Quality raw material

Every product depends exclusively on raw materials and the case of Whey Protein is even more true. Research the materials of the brand you want to buy and see if they have a good history.

Throughout the articles we will go into detail about the specifications of each component of a Whey Protein. Then keep following our blog.

Food technology applied to food development

Food technology is everything that makes use of developments to improve production and consumption.

That is, a company that invests in food technology develops better ways to place a product on the market.

So, research your favorite brands and see if they deliver what they promise. Find out if they are brands that invest in development.

Transparency with the consumer

You are the most important person for the brands of Whey Protein. Do you know how we know that? Because you consume the product, and therefore, you need to be first of all strategies.

A brand that only thinks about itself does not look at the consumer and consequently ends up showing it in its actions.

See if your trusted brand has a direct dialogue with the consumer. If all the details of the products are easy to find, if it attests to what it sells.

The transparency of the brand in relation to the product is one of the characteristics that separates a good product from an average or bad product.

Choose national Whey from trusted brands

Now let’s talk honestly about your choice. You must prioritize your health and the desired results for your body. Ever.

Here we have a very sincere and current approach, it is useless to write a long article that in the end does not bring you anything.

Therefore, put into practice the choice of brands based on the three criteria we present. See if your choice is good in terms of raw materials, technology and transparency.

And as a last tip: keep reading, following and learning about the subject

Regardless of your step in this journey of learning about Whey Protein, the important thing is that you keep evolving.

Just as daily workouts keep you healthy, readings will also keep your mind sharp. And having a sharp mind is important when choosing a quality supplement.

Did you like today’s article? So, leave your comment in our publication and until next time

Thanks for reading.

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