More questions and legends about Whey Protein

Today we are going to answer even more questions and take down other legends that are associated with Whey Protein. Our goal is to ensure that you can supplement without fear or fear.

We already have an article talking about the myths and truths about Whey Protein , we answered several questions about the supplement. That publication was so successful that we decided to do the second part.

So, let’s go. If you have questions about Whey Protein, if you want to know more about the qualities of this supplement. Or if you’ve heard a rumor and want to know if it’s true.

This article is for you.

There is no difference between Concentrated, Isolated and Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

Legend of the great ones. Many people start attending the gym and soon come across the three types of Whey: Concentrated, Isolated and Hydrolyzed. And then there is always someone saying that the three are almost the same and there is not much difference between them.

Yes, there is a huge difference.

Concentrated Whey is recommended for those who want to gain muscle mass and reduce calories. He is also the most financially attractive of the three.

The hydrolyzate, on the other hand, goes through a process that increases its absorptive power. And for that reason it is indicated for those who need a very fast absorption supplement, such as people who train with very short intervals of time (professional athletes).

And finally, the Isolate has a purity close to 100%, after rigid filtration processes of whey . There is a gigantic increase in protein level and almost elimination of fats, lactose and cholesterol.

The Isolate is so pure that in some cases it can be consumed even by people who have mild lactose intolerance – it is worth mentioning that it is not indicated as a product without lactose. Which brings us to the next legend.

Lactose intolerants cannot supplement with proteins

Legend too. Lactose intolerance is an inability to fully digest the lactose present in dairy products. Its most common manifestation occurs with the onset of uncomfortable symptoms: cramps and strains.

However, there are numerous sources on the market for protein-based supplements that are lactose-free. Even Isolated Whey can be consumed if the intolerance is not severe.

Choosing collagen is crucial to the efficiency of Whey Protein

You got it right. This protein represents between 25% and 30% of all proteins present in the human body. Therefore, selecting the ideal collagen is important to ensure good absorption.

It is worth remembering that your daily consumption must be associated with training and physical exercises , thus contributing to the improvement of body composition and the increase of lean mass.

Excessive fattening

It is not a legend, but it needs to be explained. We have to keep in mind that supplementation exists to ensure that the body has energy at the different stages of metabolism.

So, when exercising you need a certain energy demand that differs from that available at rest. Thus, supplementation arises so that your body does not burn muscle mass, for example.

As there is a natural law of demand and consumption there, we must pay attention. Any consumption that is not demanded by physical activity may incur weight gain. Including supplementation there.

Therefore, it is advisable to follow up with a specialized professional to ensure that your food is in accordance with your training. And there’s more, so that all supplementation is also consumed based on the objectives.

That is, if everything is controlled, there is no reason to gain weight. You will gain only the dreamed muscle mass.

Summary: legends and myths about Whey Protein

Today we brought you an article much more focused on people who already have experience with supplementation and want to expand their knowledge. If you want to know more general legends and doubts about Whey – for example, does it cause a pimple? – We have this article that will please you a lot.

So? Did you have any questions about Whey Protein? We promise that we will still bring many articles on this subject.

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Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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