Reasons to consume Vitamin C

In this content, we will talk about vitamin C and the effects of increasing the intake of this substance in the body. Were you interested in the subject? Click and check out the full article!

In the quest for greater results, performances, and a healthier life, it is essential to understand the importance of certain macro and micronutrients, vitamin C being one of them! 

Including this nutrient in the menu more often has its advantages in the pursuit of different goals, however, this substance cannot be administered negligently, after all, there are health risks if they are consumed incorrectly.

Thinking about your well being and safety regarding the ingestion of vitamin C, the team at Sooro Renner prepared a complete content about the subject. Here, you will see all the benefits and even some of the bad effects of consuming vitamin C more frequently. 

If you want to know everything about vitamin C and why you should have more or less of it in your diet, read on to the end. 

What is vitamin C good for?

It is responsible for increasing the endogenous production, i.e., from within the body itself, of leukocytes. These cells, which are also known as white blood cells, are responsible for defending and protecting the body against diseases, infections, and allergies. 

Another important factor where vitamin C acts is in increasing the levels of antibodies, capable of helping to fight colds and flu. 

However, it is worth noting that the difference between the benefits or harm of vitamin C, lies in the dose administered of this substance, check in the next topic, why it is necessary to be careful with the doses of this vitamin. 

What happens if I take too much vitamin C?

As we have already said in other content here on the Sooro Mundo Whey blog, when it comes to nutrition, not everything is so simple! With vitamin C intake, it’s no different either!

It turns out that a healthy human body should consume an average of 100 to 200 mg of vitamin C, and doses higher than this, besides not being absorbed by the body, can easily cause intoxication, bringing symptoms of diarrhea, headaches, abdominal discomfort and even kidney stones. 

What does a lack of vitamin C do?

Scurvy is a deficiency often associated with and developed by long periods without sufficient consumption of vegetables and fruits, and this problem, is responsible for physical fatigue, muscle weakness, and irritability. 

In addition, in more severe cases the deficiency can develop bruising, gum and dental problems, and weakness of the hair, skin, and nails. 

5 Reasons to take vitamin C

First, keep in mind that it is of utmost importance to have medical examinations, as well as regular follow-up with a professional in the field, before you start taking more vitamin C. 

Finally, understand some of the main benefits of a balanced diet and the right doses of vitamin C

1 – Reduces stress and its effects on the body. 

Vitamin C has as one of its benefits, reducing the levels of cortisol released by stress, which, besides affecting mood, social interaction and quality of life in general, also causes several health problems. 

It turns out that the cortisol released by stress is a hormone that, in excess, leverages the risks of hypertension. 

Therefore, Vitamin C can be a great ally for patients who have greater chances, whether due to genetic factors or not, of developing hypertension. 

2 – It can help you lose fat

The second benefit of vitamin C, is that this substance can help you lose weight, after all, for the body to be able to use stored fat as an energy source, it needs the support of Carnitine, which is one of the elements capable of fighting fat.

Therefore, it is possible to increase the levels of carnitine by ingesting more vitamin C, since this substance is one of the main responsible for the production of this element.  

But besides increasing the amount of vitamin C you consume, try to define a routine of workouts and exercises, the combination of these two habits will give you much more visible results. 

3 – Combats the effects of aging

Another great advantage of vitamin C is through its antioxidant effect, capable of preventing the formation of free radicals and other substances that are responsible for the aging of cells.

Several studies point out that well-balanced diets with an ideal consumption of Vitamin C help the organism to produce collagen and delay aging of the skin, nails, and hair. 

4 – Assists in iron absorption and blood sugar control

Fundamental for the proper functioning of the body, iron is one of the minerals responsible for the production of hemoglobin, a protein capable of helping red blood cells provide and transport oxygen throughout the body. 

Through vitamin C, it is possible to significantly increase the absorption capacity of iron consumed through foods of plant and animal origin, also achieving greater control of blood sugar levels, which can promote weight loss and well-being. 

5 – Strengthens the immune system

The last of the benefits we have brought about regarding Vitamin C, may even be one of the most important for today’s times! 

It turns out that since Vitamin C is able to increase the production of leukocytes, this results in boosting and maintaining the immune system, which in the long run is able to cause immunity to be leveraged, making you less vulnerable to diseases like colds and flu. 


Vitamin C is a strong ally of those who adhere to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, so it is very important to have the advice of a professional before deciding to increase the intake of this vitamin, either through natural food or drug replacement of the nutrient. 

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