Supplementation for those on a diet, can it?

Diet and supplementation? Is this combination good? Can you take supplements while dieting? These are the answers that we are going to bring to you today.

We also want to explain why supplements work and which are the ideal types for you to lose weight. Or even gain weight.

So, come with us.

Can I replace a meal with Whey Protein?

Supplements for those who are on a diet: Can they or can’t they?

There are several types of supplements with different purposes, even among those used for weight loss.

It is necessary that a specialized professional guides and directs the most suitable for each situation, as well as the right dosage.

Some supplements, due to their thermogenic action, accelerate weight loss, while providing lean mass gain.

However, in order to obtain this result it is necessary to include in the process a diet aimed at the goal together with the practice of physical exercises.

It is worth pointing out that each metabolism reacts in a different way, varying according to each person and their lifestyle habits.

While some people have an easier time losing weight, others may take longer to notice the effects of changing habits and using supplements. Therefore, the answer is YES.

Supplementation with diet can, but you need to choose the right supplement and take it in the right measure for your metabolism.

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What about weight loss diets?

Fattening supplements are rich in protein or essential amino acids for muscle growth in order to increase body mass (not fat percentage) in a healthy way.

They may also contain appetite-suppressing substances to make you feel more hungry.

It is essential to mention that the use of these supplements must be combined with a physical exercise routine for the result to be even more effective.

Combined with physical activity, the ingestion of proteins or amino acids helps to increase and maintain lean mass.

Another important point is that the most effective weight loss supplements should be worked out according to your body’s characteristics.

3 supplements that help you lose weight

Whey Protein

Whey Protein is a protein supplement usually made from protein extracted from whey.

This supplement is used to gain muscle mass. This is because its high biological value proteins contribute to the repair of muscle, which suffers micro-injuries during exercise.

With the help of the protein in Whey Protein, the muscle fiber is repaired and becomes bigger and stronger. It can be used to lose weight, because it is used in the exchange between body fat and lean mass.


BCAA consists of three essential amino acids that are not produced by the body, they are: L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine.

These essential amino acids help the cells to produce proteins.

They participate in the process of energy production during physical activity, especially long-term exercise, and thus prevent central fatigue.


Creatine is an amino acid and is present both in foods of animal origin and in the human body.

Creatine supplements are used by people who engage in high-intensity physical activity.

Of these three supplements, Whey Protein shows the best benefits and the fewest risks or side effects. Since it is natural from milk and has a low rejection rate. 

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Food or supplementation?

In our busy and stressful days we spend a lot of time without eating or eating processed foods.

With this, we almost always fail to meet our needs for vitamins and proteins, for example.

This way, taking supplements can help you to have an evolution and a better performance in your workouts.

Therefore, anyone can take supplements, from children to the elderly, but care must be taken.

In the case of diabetics and people with dietary restrictions, such as gluten and vitamin B, it is necessary to talk to a nutritionist beforehand.

Remembering that supplementation does not replace food. It serves to complement, to supplement, as the name already says.

Food supplements when combined with physical exercise and a balanced diet can be a great opportunity to achieve results faster and more satisfactorily. And still lose weight.

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