What are alkaline foods and what are the benefits?

Benefits for muscle regeneration, improved absorption of nutrients, higher defenses against diseases, and even faster recoveries, are the benefits of alkaline foods.

Today we will explain how they behave in the body and which are the most common ones.

So, come with us!

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What are alkaline foods?

Able to balance the blood pH levels, they decrease the body’s acidity, leaving the body always in an optimal functional state. 

What’s more, consuming alkalizing foods prevents our body from becoming sensitive to diseases, preventing the action of fungi and bacteria in the body.

It works like this:

The body works less when it is alkaline, so the intake of these foods helps to maintain the proper pH range, preventing diseases or even helping in healing.

Its secret is in the control of the pH.

Blood pH ranges from 0 to 14. From 0 to 6 is considered acidic and from 8 to 14 basic. 7 is alkaline, which is the ideal range that our body should be in.

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Alkaline foods contribute to muscle regeneration

When science analyzes the evolution of humanity over the past 5 million years, it can be seen that the greatest way found for healing and recovery has been through food.

Yes, what we eat has been the best and oldest way to recover from some diseases on our planet, usually driven by alkaline food, such as vegetables and fruits.

Nourishing our body with alkaline food is a basic necessity when we talk about food. The difference between an alkaline and an acidic food is the pH (Hydrogen Potential).

The ideal pH for humans is 7.4. So, an acidic food will have a high pH, an alkaline food will have an ideal pH.

The body constantly struggles to keep the pH at 7.4, because a variation more or less affects the cell regeneration system. 

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3 common alkaline foods

Now that we have talked about what alkaline foods are and what their characteristics are. Let’s see some more details about the 3 most common alkaline foods on the Brazilian table. 

They are:

  • Lemon
  • Watermelon 
  • Spinach

Advantages of lemon

While most people think that lemon, being an acidic fruit, could cause acidity effects on the body, what actually happens is that it produces alkaline after digestion. 

It is rich in vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants that provide the body with strength, endurance, and a healthy immune system.

Advantages of watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit that has a large amount of water, so it exerts a diuretic effect on the body, helping to deflate and eliminate excess fluid from the body through urine.

In addition, watermelon also has potassium, a mineral that promotes the elimination of excess fluid from the body, helping to deflate.

Advantages of spinach

Spinach contains large amounts of nitrates and potassium, which are substances that help increase the relaxation of blood vessels, allowing blood to circulate more easily, helping to lower blood pressure, which can be very helpful for hypertensives.

This was our article on the top alkaline foods and their benefits.

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