What you need to know about weight loss supplements

Among proteins, amino acids, thermogenics, and other dietary supplements, which ones really work to lose weight? Go here and check out everything about weight loss supplements.

2023 is a year that promises, right? So if you are focused on putting 2022 plans into practice to reach your best shape, how about having the support of some allies? They can give you the ‘push’ you need!

Especially if your goal is healthy weight loss, besides training hard and taking good care of your diet, know that there are other partners that can help you in this process. We are talking about food supplements. 

If you are interested in the subject and want to understand a little more about how supplementation can help you lose weight in a healthy way, continue reading this article and check everything we have prepared on the subject.

What food supplements are for 

In a nutshell, food supplements serve as a dietary support for different types of athletes. Through them, it is possible to consume high levels of specific and fundamental nutrients, something very difficult to do with conventional diets alone.  

In addition, there are now food supplements that can be aligned with any goal, athlete, and training rhythm. For this, you just need to define what your goals are, the supplementation to be used, and the ideal time to ingest it. 

As for these recommendations, they vary from supplement to supplement, but they are usually indicated to be consumed as follows: first thing in the morning, before training, after training, before bedtime, or even in between specific meals.  

However, it’s exactly because of the amount of food supplements available in the market that many people are confused about which ones they should take, but as we said, this depends a lot on your goals, and if it’s weight loss, you’re in the right content! Continue reading.

Food supplements for weight loss

Now that you understand a little more about what food supplements in general are for, it’s time to talk about them; the weight loss supplements! So, let’s check it out!

Proteins from various sources

Although many people think that proteins are only for building muscles, and that because of this they would only be interesting for those who want muscle hypertrophy, it is not quite true, after all, these supplements can also be used to lose weight. 

What happens is that proteins, whether they come from animals, such as meat and milk, or from plants, are fundamental nutrients for the entire physical structure of the body, besides acting directly in muscle regeneration and recovery, as well as in the immune system. 

In addition, proteins are also able to increase the body’s overall energy expenditure, promote a longer feeling of satiety (which reduces the desire to eat), and also to control insulin levels, preventing the accumulation of sugar in the form of fat. 

The main protein supplements are obtained through Whey Protein, meat, soy, eggs, and some other grains. 

Thermogenic Supplements

Other supplements very famous for their support in burning fat and losing weight in general, are thermogenics. In this part of the content we will talk a little bit more about them: 

Able to assist in thermogenesis and general energy metabolism, thermogenic food supplements promote a large increase in caloric expenditure, and this occurs mainly by their ability to increase body temperature and decrease fluid retention. 

In addition, thermogenics are well known for giving you more energy during your workout, which can give you longer-lasting and more intense workouts. Consequently, you will get more results. 


Last and not as widely used as they should be, fiber supplements can boost weight loss by promoting appetite control, and this occurs through different workings. 

It turns out that fiber, besides being processed more slowly by the body, is also capable of releasing molecules that act directly on the hypothalamus, helping to identify satiety. 

Supplementation – The little push you need!

In this content you have checked some of the most common supplements used for weight loss. All of them have proven to be effective, and will undoubtedly help you in your healthy weight loss process, serving as a little push towards your goals. 

It’s worth remembering: we always emphasize the importance of medical follow-up before starting physical activities, and also when you decide to use food supplementation. 

Consult a medical specialist and always count on the support of Sooro Renner – Nutrition that generates results!

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