Are carbohydrates after 6 PM fattening?

If you have started a new diet in your quest to control your weight, then you have no doubt come across the information that eating carbohydrates after 6 PM is fattening. In other words, that potato for dinner is completely forbidden.

But is this really true? 

Is there any scientific reason to support this viewpoint about whether or not eating carbohydrates after 6 PM? That is what we are going to answer today.

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Does going without carbohydrates at night help you lose weight?

Pure legend.

There is a belief that dinner is fattening, which is not true if the person knows how to prepare a balanced meal, composed of lean meats, vegetables, and few carbohydrates, preferably choosing whole-grain carbohydrates.

A very common behavior for those who have the habit of not having dinner is to snack, that is, to exchange a meal, which could be complete, for toast, too much fruit, snacks, snacks, etc. This does make you fat.

In other words, cutting carbohydrates out altogether does not guarantee anything, what does guarantee is that you have a regulated diet. What’s more, it may be that your body NEEDS carbohydrates during the night. Keep following this article and you’ll understand.

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Going without eating is not the recipe for losing weight

Hunger increases a lot when we eat few meals, and we end up putting on our plates more fatty and elaborate preparations, and in larger quantities than we need. 

Having five to six meals a day speeds up the metabolism, because it stimulates hormones and enzymes for the process of digestion, absorption, and excretion of food.

We arrive less hungry at the next meal being able to be more selective the quantity and quality of food.

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Can I eat noodles at night?

There is no problem to eat pasta at night, provided that it observes the principles of any healthy meal: moderate amounts, preferably whole grains and accompanied by other nutrients such as fiber and protein.

So try to eat pasta with some meat and vegetables.

The body digests glucose in the same way, what can make this process worse is the insulin resistance caused by too much sugar in circulation throughout the day. 

Some studies even indicate that we would need a stable blood glucose throughout the night for the hormones to work properly and for the body to do the daily restoration that occurs during sleep, but this still needs to be better elucidated.

And it would only be valid for the period close to bedtime, so dinner is free.

Summary: Can I eat carbohydrates before bedtime? Yes or no?

Well, now you know that the answer to this question is a resounding YES. You can (and should) eat several foods before bed, and carbohydrates are among them.

When should you avoid eating carbohydrates before bedtime? When your doctor or your dietician tells you to.

However, make sure that you are accompanied by a serious professional who is supported by the market.

There are many professionals who unfortunately are only following the fashion and end up giving guidelines that have no scientific basis.

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