Whey Protein is a supplement that brings many health benefits, but can you take Whey even without going to the gym? Take Whey without being in the habit of training? That's what we will answer today.

Why do I retain liquids? Understand the causes of fluid retention

"I've just started training at the gym recently and I've already felt that it has deflated a bit, it's just that I retain a lot of liquids." Have you heard (or said) this sentence before? Well, it's real. In today's article we will explain the science behind fluid retention.

Do I need to change supplementation in the winter?

With the arrival of the colder days many people notice a drastic change in their metabolism. Which makes us wonder: do I need to change supplementation in the winter?

Tips to improve sleep quality

We recently posted an article showing how sleep quality has a direct influence on muscle gain. If you want to know more, take a look here. Today we will give you tips to improve the quality of your sleep.

Is fast eating bad for you?

As you know this is a blog about nutrition that gets results. And what few people know, but the act of eating is almost as important as the content of what you are eating. So today we are here to answer whether fast eating is bad for you.

What are pre-hormones and how do they combine with supplementation?

Anyone who starts a training routine quickly comes into contact with two things: supplementation and pre-hormones. Today we want to clear up the doubts between the two.

Did you train hard? Then it’s okay to eat a little too much

Let's have an honest conversation now! If you train hard every day, if you have a dietary control during the whole year, if your exercise routine is always up to date, and if your supplementation is done regularly, you can abuse a little at the end of the year.

If I go off the diet do I have to change my supplementation?

This is an important question: what to do when you go off the diet? Do you have to change supplementation rates? And more: on the days when you really overdo it, do you have to go without supplementation?

Amino Acids and Proteins: Allies for Lean Mass Gain

Today we want to talk about the relationship between amino acids, proteins, and lean mass. These are tactics for you who want to lose weight and get a healthier body.

Does taking Whey Protein with other foods make you gain weight? Let’s explain

Then you go to the gym, train a lot, run on weekends, change your diet, do everything right and gain weight! Is Whey Protein helping you gain weight? Today we are going to take this doubt away.

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