Coconut Oil Myths and truths about this food.

If you’ve heard about the thousands of benefits of coconut oil, you’d certainly be interested in increasing the consumption of this foodstuff in your daily life, wouldn’t you? But have you ever stopped to think which of these benefits are actually true or not? Access this complete content and find out what the main myths and truths about coconut oil are

If you are a fan of healthy eating, even if for a short time or not, you have probably already come across some controversy involving certain natural foods, often citing miraculous qualities and even some supposedly very dubious dangers, right? 

It turns out that no natural food is safe from nutrition myths, and coconut oil is no different. 

With that in mind, the Sooro Mundo Whey Blog has prepared a complete article about the myths and truths about coconut oil. Here we’ll point out the main attributions given to this food and also indicate which ones are true or false. Interested? Read on and check it out. 

The 05 main myths and truths about coconut oil

From slimming to improving cardiovascular disease risk, coconut oil is one of the most famous oils of the moment for its benefits. Let’s check out the main myths and truths about this food? 

01 – Does coconut oil replace olive oil?

MYTH: Unfortunately coconut oil cannot be used as a substitute for olive oil, simply because they are completely different foods with specific properties and nutrients. 

Therefore, olive oil, since it is rich in Omega 3, should not be substituted for coconut oil, which in turn has good amounts of vitamins A, D, E, and K. Both are healthy in their own particularities. Both are healthy in their particularities and right measures. 

02 – Does coconut oil lose weight?

MYTH – Another of the most common myths about coconut oil and which are widely publicized by supplementation companies, is its slimming properties. It turns out that to date, there is no type of scientific study, completed or still in progress, capable of pointing to a relationship between coconut oil and weight loss. 

However, although coconut oil by itself is not able to leverage directly the weight loss, it can help you lose weight. After all, if used as an alternative to other vegetable oils such as soy, sunflower, and canola, coconut oil becomes a great ally for weight loss and healthy diet. 

03 – Does coconut oil help prevent cardiovascular disease? 

MYTH – Coconut oil is, without a doubt, a very healthy alternative to the aforementioned vegetable oils, however, coconut oil is still a food with a lot of saturated fat and if it is unconsciously administered in the diet, it will exponentially increase the risk of heart disease that some theories promise it decreases. 

It is worth remembering that foods that contain a lot of saturated fat, as is the case with coconut oil, easily raise the levels of bad cholesterol, (LDL), which in turn, greatly increase the chances of a heart attack or even a stroke. 

04 – Does coconut oil help with satiety? 

TRUTH – One of the real benefits about coconut oil that may be responsible for helping you in the weight loss process, especially when aligned with LOW CARB diets, is its ability to increase the feeling of satiety!

This is because when eating foods rich in saturated fats, as is the case with coconut oil, which is composed of more than 90% of it, it is normal for the body to slow down its digestion process, ensuring a longer satiety period. 

05 – Does coconut oil help control blood sugar?

TRUTH – Finally, the last benefit that we brought regarding coconut oil, is that this food is yes, able to help control blood sugar rates!

It turns out that with the ingestion of the oil, there is a delay in the transformation of carbohydrates into glucose, causing the release of sugar in the body to occur in a slower and more dosed manner. 


Just like several other everyday foods, coconut oil has both its advantages and disadvantages, with most of the harm of this food occurring when its consumption is exaggerated. 

So keep in mind that balance is the key to a really healthy diet and a more natural lifestyle. 

Also, always rely on the advice of a professional to understand what your limitations are regarding certain foods, diets, and eating plans. 

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