Do I need to change supplementation in the winter?

With the arrival of the colder days many people notice a drastic change in their metabolism. Which makes us wonder: do I need to change supplementation in the winter?

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How supplementation works

Achieving a muscular body is not easy; you need to religiously follow a diet, training, and rest.

Not using this trio is practically impossible to achieve muscle hypertrophy.

The key to your goal, when it comes to supplementation, is protein.

Protein is the food component that provides the fundamental building blocks for your body to build muscle tissue.

In addition, there is restoration from the injuries of heavy training.

There are countless protein sources, among them whey protein, derived from milk, which stands out for its fast absorption.

To gain the benefits of supplementation it is necessary to seek the correct type and adequate amount of supplementation to be consumed.

In general the benefits are:

  • Multivitamins provide the micronutrients that the body of the athlete or bodybuilder needs. Besides improving the immune system it is also indicated for people with a deficiency of certain vitamins;
  • Pre-workout supplements increase focus, endurance, and muscle strength right after being ingested;
  • Supplements whose source is very high quality protein contribute to replenish the daily protein needs. Thus, there is a significant contribution to hypertrophy and body fat loss;
  • The supplements composed of amino acids contribute to muscle recovery and regeneration by preventing catabolism;
  • Hypercalorics benefit people with difficulty in gaining body mass or those who practice strenuous activities;
  • Thermogenics have the benefit of increasing the metabolism, therefore contributing to a greater disposition and favoring the burning of fat;
  • The antioxidant supplements contribute to the cleaning of the body by eliminating free radicals responsible for premature aging.

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What are the types of supplementation?

Supplements are not all the same, nor are they only used by those who go to the gym. Learn about the different types:

Hypercaloric supplements

These are full of calories. Thus, their composition is rich in fats, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals.

However, be careful with the excess of fat and calories, which can lead to overweight.

Thermogenic supplements

These supplements are ideal for those who intend to lose weight, since their main function is to accelerate the metabolism.

For this reason, their composition is usually made of guaraná, caffeine, and citrus, among other substances.

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Protein supplements

Perfect for those who are adept at bodybuilding, protein supplements are made of proteins that help the muscle recover after training.

Antioxidant supplements. When we exercise, our body naturally produces free radicals.

  • Antioxidants help fight the effect of free radicals on cells.
  • Hormone supplements.

These are the types of supplements that stimulate the production of some hormone, such as thyroxine, estrogen, and others.

  • Polyvitamin and mineral supplements. These supplement vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and others.
  • Probiotic supplements. Living micro-organisms that are supplemented to help with various gut-related problems.

When to change supplementation?

You should only change a supplementation in two cases:

  • If your body rejects your type of supplement, and then there will be typical symptoms of a rejection;
  • If the supplementation, after a minimum period of 6 months, does not show any results.

So I don’t need to change supplementation in the winter, right?

Exactly. You don’t need to change your supplementation in the winter. In fact, your winter workouts should be pretty much the same as your summer workouts. With changes, of course, in hydration, protection against cold, etc.

However, in terms of supplementation, the only tip would be to “calibrate” your consumption. Observe if your body no longer responds and make adjustments accordingly. But don’t change supplementation just because the cold days have arrived.

Remember: supplementation generates positive effects in the long term. So, it is necessary to have patience and persistence.

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