Excessive hunger, why we feel hungry all the time

Have you ever stopped to think why you eat several times a day, or even a few times but in large quantities? It turns out that excessive hunger can have several reasons and causes, but luckily, most of the time they can be remedied and corrected. Were you interested in the subject and want to learn more about it? Access this complete content

Excessive hunger is unfortunately one of the great responsible for frustrating the eating plans, diets and goals of many people, however, it is important to emphasize that feeling hungry has never been the focus of the problem, quite the opposite! 

It happens that the feeling of hunger is an important sign that the body is functioning in a natural and perfect way, but it is when it appears at inappropriate times or even being present during most of the day, that this feeling starts to become a problem and an enemy of a healthy life. 

So, keep in mind that when the metabolism is working perfectly, it is easy to regulate the periods of eating and staying satiated. 

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A curious fact is that in most cases where patients complain of excessive hunger, there are problems that are easy to correct, such as inadequate or unconscious intake of macro and micronutrients.

Thinking about the subject we brought a complete content about the subject, here you will get several information and even some tips to solve this problem. Stay with us and check it out: 

Why is feeling hungry a good sign? 

Before we delve into excessive hunger at times when it is harmful and needs to be controlled, let’s understand a little more about hunger as a whole and how this feeling can be a good indicator to understand your body and your overall health. 

It happens that many people, usually motivated by a constant search for thinness based on unreachable standards, seek natural and even chemical ways to end the feeling of hunger, as if this were the root problem, and although it seems impossible, there are even neurological drugs that are used worldwide to act directly on the brain, inhibiting hunger for hours and even days. 

It is worth pointing out that this type of practice, besides being totally negative to physical and mental health, also causes the famous “accordion effect”, after all, when pausing the use of the drug because of its continuous use restrictions, it is very common for the user to gain weight again in an even faster way, and this happens simply because there was no dietary re-education or physical activity plan; the person just cut his/her appetite and stopped eating properly. 

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In a nutshell, feeling hungry is a common sign that the body, metabolism, and neurological synapses are working properly, and to go long periods of the day without feeling hungry, although it seems nice to some people, is a big warning that something is wrong.  

However, the feeling of hunger stops being just a sign of good functioning and becomes a problem when it becomes responsible for weight gain, poor diet, and health complications, for example. 

The following are some of the main reasons for being hungry all the time, and in this case, we mention exaggerated hunger, which appears almost every hour or even makes you eat large amounts of food. 

Reasons to be always hungry and how to control it 

Lack of hydration

The lack of hydration is, without doubt, the main reason when it comes to excessive hunger, and the scientific explanation behind it is simple: 

The most important part in the brain’s nervous system control, the hypothalamus, is responsible for both the control of hunger and thirst, thus the adequate lack of hydration can lead from the search for moist foods to a false sense of hunger, which deep down, is not motivated by nutrients, but rather, by dehydration. 

To solve this problem, make a habit of drinking more water during the day and keep in mind that it is necessary, for a good overall functioning of the body, at least 35 ml of water for every kg of body weight.

Irregular diet

Another extremely common reason for the lack of regulation of hunger is the wrong intake of calories during the day, and many people usually reach a very high peak of calorie intake in just one meal, usually lunch, and forgetting to eat during the rest of the day. 

Thus, it is important to define, preferably with a nutritionist, a specific amount of calories to be ingested during the day and then divide this total amount over all the meals that will be taken during that period. 

Lack of adequate sound

As unbelievable as it may seem, few people know that it also functions as a food regulator, being that deprivation of many hours of sound directly affects brain function and also affects digestion.

Além disso, another equally important fact is that it is during or so that leptin, a hormone responsible for the sensation of satiety, is produced. In this way, it is very important to respect the ideal sound cycles, which vary between 06 to 08 hours.

Lack of ideal amount of protein and fiber

Another fairly common reason for eating in excess is a lack of protein and fiber intake. And to prove this, there are several studies that suggest that there is a direct relationship between the feeling of satiety and the consumption of these nutrients.

More than once, here it is also important to eat a food plan together with a professional in the area, like him, it will be possible to define a daily goal of protein, fiber and fat consumption, as well as other fundamental nutrients.


As many people seek faster paths and chemical interventions for the issues related to fome, it is easy to regulate this feeling with a healthy diet and some new habits.

She always kept her blood tests and medical accompaniments in the day, and during her fitness process, with the support of Sooro Renner, nutrition that generates results.

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