Get rid of diseases: learn about the role of protein in the immune system

Health, I want you to be close. And for that we have to take care of our body’s natural defenses. For this reason today we bring you a rich article to understand the role of protein in the immune system.

In recent years the concern about the immune system has grown a lot. So that more and more solutions and products are being launched in search of better health results.

Today we bring you an article that talks about the role of protein in the body’s natural protection.

 After all, it is known that protein has very important functions in health, but what we want to show is how it acts, specifically, in the regulation of the immune system.

As always, this will be a straightforward article, and we are careful not to overload the text with technical or difficult terms. Our intention is not to make a scientific assessment, but to inform and ensure that you can make the best decisions in your search for a healthy and full life.

Okay, come take a closer look at the role of the immune system in health.

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Brief summary of the role of protein in your body

Proteins function as “building blocks” in the human body. So they are a fundamental part of the composition of cells and tissues in our body. 

As such, they are a fundamental element, even of the immune system itself. 

Thus, proteins are responsible for the formation and maintenance of healthy cells that make up the system responsible for immunity. 

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Low protein intake and its implications for the immune system

Now let’s see how low protein intake can harm the immune system and thus lead to other complications for our health. 

As a rule, the recommended protein intake is between 46 grams and 56 grams per day.

It’s always worth noting that the final word on your daily protein intake will be from your doctor or nutrition professional.

In any case, when there is not an adequate intake of protein, several health problems arise or are developed. 

To get an idea, in the year 2012 scientists from the Gaziantep University of Physical Education and Sports in Turkey published a study showing how various activities and functions of the immune system are impaired thanks to low protein consumption.

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What are the main functions impaired by low protein intake?

In particular, among the functions impaired are the prevention of disease and the speed of recovery, which are especially affected. So a low protein intake makes us more susceptible to disease, and also impairs recovery.

So we have to evaluate very carefully when we want to take protein out of our daily lives (as in the case of many restrictive diets). And once again, that important decisions like this be made with the support of a specialized health professional. 

In addition to its importance for immunity, protein performs several other functions in the body, some examples are: 

  • Helps in weight loss;
  • Essential for building and maintaining lean body mass;
  • Bone and muscle health – especially important for the older population;
  • Important for hormonal regulation.

But this is not an alarmist article, just to show you the problems caused by a lack of protein. We also want to show you the positive side of its consumption. 

So let’s talk about the benefits of a well-balanced protein diet.  

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Benefits of protein in the immune system

In a study conducted over the last 20 years, with a major breakthrough in recent months, researchers at the Laboratory of Immunochemistry and Glycobiology are trying to develop a type of protein from dairy products that can activate the immune system.

That is, in addition to the normal protein, which already acts on our immune system as we have discovered. These researchers are evaluating whether proteins present in milk and dairy products are capable of stimulating the immune system. Thus, generating a faster response to health problems. 

Milk protein is already known to offer benefits such as:

  • Constant supply of amino acids
  • Building and maintaining muscle mass
  • Body protection
  • Sensation of satiety – assisting weight loss.

In other words, consuming quality protein is always a great option for your health. 

We hope that today’s article has shown you how you can stay healthy with habits as simple as maintaining an adequate protein intake.

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