How does sleep contribute to muscle gain?

You may have heard the phrase “sleeping well makes you lose weight”, but did you know that sleep also has a direct impact on muscle gain? That’s right. Sleeping well also makes you stronger.

In today’s article we are going to talk about how sleep has a direct connection with several health benefits and body maintenance.

Not only that, we also want to point out sleep as a powerful ally in muscle gain or weight control.

So, let’s go. Get comfortable and enjoy the reading! 

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Work routine interference

The current pace of our society has become increasingly intense, requiring some activities to take place during the entire 24-hour period, which increases the demand for shift workers.

This type of occupation, also known as Shift Work, encompasses both permanent work at night and alternate shifts, characterizing any worker outside of regular business hours (between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.).

When exposed to this condition, the individual needs to be awake in opposition to the circadian cycle evolutionarily constructed for humans.

Therefore, changing your sleeping and eating times puts you in a condition of circadian misalignment or circadian disruption.

Thus, this change can make you gain weight, lose weight, gain muscle mass, lose muscle mass, etc.

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What is the Circadian Cycle?

The circadian cycle is the 1-day cycle to which we are exposed. During the day, light, and during the night, the absence of it, influence our “biological clock,” dictating how our organism behaves over the course of the 24 hours that make up the day on our planet.

It is the means by which the mammalian organism (and also that of plants) adapts to life on Earth, whose intervention by the Sun (and other environmental factors) provokes cycles of brightness and darkness.

The internal clock that we all carry sets the rhythm of our body during the period of 1 day, regulating our daytime and nighttime activities.

It determines a number of behaviors, such as our sleep schedule, our state of alertness and activity, the time we wake up (and also the mood in which we wake up in the morning).

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But how does sleeping well make you gain muscle mass?

When we exercise, our body becomes fatigued, and the so-called muscle “destruction” occurs.

During the rest provided by a good night’s sleep, the fibers are irrigated and, at this moment, the muscles grow and become stronger.

Besides this, sleeping well stimulates the production and release of hormones in our body that help burn fat.

Professionals in the area point out that only 30% of the muscle mass is obtained through regular exercise such as weight training. The other 70% depends on a balanced diet and night rest.

It is worth pointing out that sleeping well is not only about the quantity of hours, which varies from 6 to 8 for young people and adults.

The quality of sleep is fundamental to provide complete rest, so that the muscle mass is acquired in the third stage of sleep, the deep sleep.

There you have it, now you understand well how our sleep has a direct influence on the quality of our workouts. 

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