How to start meditating in 5 steps

Meditation improves sleep quality, appetite regulation, and anxiety reduction. What’s more, it also has benefits for the health of your muscles and even your metabolism. So today we are going to teach you how to start meditating.

And you see, meditation is not an arduous task. With just a few minutes a day, every day, you are able to get into the habit and have all the benefits mentioned above.

Want to increase your training results? Then meditate. Here’s how.

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Step 1: Set aside some time to start 

You should set aside 1 or 2 moments throughout the day to disconnect for a while.

This can be when you wake up to allow you to start the day with less anxiety and more focus, in the middle of the day to take a break from chores, or when you go to bed to calm your mind before going to sleep.

Ideally, a period of 15 to 20 minutes is a great time to bring the maximum benefits of meditation, but 5 minutes is already enough to allow a journey inward, achieving tranquility and focus.

To avoid worries about time, you can set an alarm clock on your cell phone for the time you want to keep meditating.

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Step 2: Get comfortable

In order for you to meditate, it is necessary that your body leaves you alone. There is no point in your body hurting and you trying to do meditation. Therefore, you need to sit comfortably. 

Those who already have practice usually sit on the floor, sometimes on a small cushion, rotating the pelvis, so that only the tip of the buttocks are on the cushion, while the rest, the crossed legs, are directly on the floor. 

But there are other ways to get the right posture for meditation. First, you need to be comfortable; second, with an upright spine.

A curved spine causes pain, so try to make your lower back go forward and your shoulders go back. This way you have an upright spine, without straining.

Finally, give a sigh that lifts your shoulders high and release it.

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Step 3: Focus your attention

Observe the burning flame of a candle, without creating mental content.

Focus on a sound: it can be the ticking of a clock, a musical instrument, or a mantra.

Concentrate on a mandala, some geometric shape, or a chakra.

After completing the previous steps, you are ready to meditate. Now the actual practice begins!

The tactic of paying attention to your breathing provides the basic effect of the activity: directing your thoughts toward something concrete, favoring concentration on a single point and, at the same time, bringing feelings of tranquility.

Step 4: Take it easy, don’t expect quick results right from the start

There is no point in starting thinking that you will spend an hour meditating right from the start. You have to get used to it and adapt to the technique first.

So start with 10 minutes a day.

Find the interval that best fits your profile. While you are learning how to meditate, do some tests. Start with short sessions and extend them little by little if you feel that this will benefit your enjoyment.

The stopwatch – it can be on your cell phone – prevents you from wondering how much time has passed, if the session is about to end.

In short, it eliminates a worry that would inevitably be on your mind. 

Step 5: Practice the breathing exercise

With breathing exercise, the body will feel relaxed, and consequently, so will the mind. Oxygenating the brain helps with relaxation and can facilitate the process of pushing other thoughts away.

By following these 5 steps you will be able to bring the habit of meditation into your routine. 

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