Is fast eating bad for you?

As you know this is a blog about nutrition that gets results. And what few people know, but the act of eating is almost as important as the content of what you are eating. So today we are here to answer whether fast eating is bad for you.

More than that, we want to show you the scientific reasons behind every problem with eating too fast. So you will have information to change your habits and encourage the people in your family to change too.

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Yes, fast eating is bad for you!

Are you the type of person who eats so fast that you always have to wait for others to finish their meals?

Well, you should know that this habit can cause problems for your health!

That 5-minute lunch can raise blood glucose levels, increase weight and abdominal circumference, and consequently increase the chances of cardiovascular events.

Eating on the run increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, that is, the emergence of a set of factors related to diseases that affect the heart, such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels.

During a five-year survey, scholars from Hiroshima University in Japan found that those who rush to the table have an 11.6% greater chance of developing metabolic syndrome compared to those who eat at a normal time (6.5%) or slowly (2.3%).

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Eating fast generates weight gain

The brain and stomach work together to control appetite, but this process is not instantaneous.

When you eat quickly, you do not allow the satiety signals to be transmitted to the brain, which take 15 to 20 minutes to arrive, indicating that you do not need any more food because you are already full.

This causes more food to be eaten, consuming more calories than the body needs, storing them in the form of fat and causing the person to put on weight.

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Indigestion caused by eating too fast

Eating fast is a direct path to indigestion. Among its main symptoms are heartburn and heaviness.

Sometimes they are so acute that they can be mistaken for a heart attack.

The wracked stomach subsides when the body finishes digesting the huge chunks of food you have eaten.

There are several factors that cause indigestion, such as: eating fast, eating a lot, eating high-fat dishes, or eating in stressful situations.

Therefore, it is important to be careful, because it is possible that all the above scenarios are presented at the same time. And your stomach will not be grateful.

Swelling in the belly

This is one of the most immediate effects of eating in a hurry.

Abdominal distension, as it is called, happens because the digestion process is slowed down due to swallowing large pieces of food. In addition, eating quickly causes you to swallow a lot of air.

Did you know that eating in silence is ideal? 

Talking while eating can also be a problem.

When we talk, we swallow air, and besides getting in the way of chewing, all the swallowed air can be turned into gas when it reaches the stomach.

Maybe now you understand why you feel so uncomfortable after lunch, don’t you?

And there, did you like it? Now you know why eating fast is bad for you and how to avoid these problems.

Do you want more tips on nutrition and overall results? Keep following our blog.

Thanks for reading and see you next time! 

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