Is supplementation for those who train a few times a week a good thing?

Hello, how are you? Today we want to bring up a topic that is always in vogue on social networks and raises many doubts: who trains a few times a week can also or should take supplementation? Is it good? Do not do? Let’s look at these issues together.

Remembering that today’s article was made based on a lot of research, and of course guided by all our expertise. So, you can be sure that we are bringing quality information.

However, in no way should our article replace the guidance of a health professional. That way, if you have the support of a personal trainer you trust, he certainly has better information about your metabolism, and the opinion of this professional should be considered.

Very well, now that we have made all the reservations. Let’s start, is supplementation for those who train a few times a week a good thing? Let’s see.

Trainings: how supplementation works

We have several articles explaining the functioning of the various supplements, especially Whey Protein (but also Albumin and Creatine ). Anyway, here’s a summary:

“Basically, what happens in your body during physical exercise is a requirement unusual muscle , which ends up producing microlesions. These lesions are like “blisters” that will then be filled during the resting phase.

Supplementation exists to ensure that your body uses protein (in the case of Whey Protein) and restores muscle without burning lean mass, or muscle mass. “

Therefore, when we say that a person trains a few times during the week before anything else, it is necessary to consider the intensity of the training. Since a very strong workout can take a lot of muscle and then the rest time is really longer.

Supply and demand

Speaking quite simply about metabolism, weight gain, loss or maintenance has a great influence on the logic of supply and demand. That is, if there is a high demand for calories demanded by physical exercises, the supply needs to match, or there will be weight loss.

Likewise, if physical exercises and daily routines do not require a strong supply of energy, but daily consumption is always at a higher rate than necessary, weight gain occurs.

This of course disregarding countless other factors, just to make the subject at an easy to understand level.

So, by supplementing your daily energy intake with supplements, you will be giving your body a huge supply, which needs to be transformed into energy through exercise and training.

So, who trains a few times during the week needs to assess what the training requirements are and supplement according to practice.

Everyone can take supplements

We want to dispel another myth surrounding supplementation, especially when it comes to Whey Protein. There is always a question of “who can and who cannot” take the supplement.

Well, as a rule, if a person does not have any restrictions on the consumption of the ingredients in the formula, they can take Whey. There are even specially produced versions that are consumed by those who have symptoms of lactose intolerance.

There’s more: Whey Protein is especially beneficial for people over 50 , for guaranteeing a reserve of proteins and several other fundamental elements for health.

Benefits of consuming supplements even for those who train a few times a week

Supplementation, as we said, exists to assist the body during the various metabolic stages. It can be a great energy source to be consumed pre-workout, and thus give you strength during training. Also great for post-workout consumption, helping to repair muscles.

That is, investing in quality supplements is the right attitude for those looking for better results. Especially if you train a few times during the week.

However, there is a list of care that should be noted, the main ones are:

  • Beware of weight gain, it is advisable to consult with a specialized professional to obtain an eating plan aimed at your metabolism;
  • Consume only what is indicated for your weight with based on the intensity of your workouts: consuming a larger amount of supplements will not bring results faster, regardless of what choice you choose;
  • Focus on maintaining health and don’t be in a hurry: this tip is for those people who like to train every day. Hurry is the enemy of the healthy body.

This was our article on supplementation even for those who train a few times during the week. We hope that you now know what to do and can make decisions that will bring incredible results to your workouts.

Do you want to know more about high performance feeding? Then keep following our blog . We are always bringing tips and news about the universe of training and exercises.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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