Know your own body: tips for improving performance

If you feel that your training can improve, if you want to speed up the results, or just bring your practice to a new level: this article is for you.

We opened 2021 with very cool articles about the best days and times to train , today we’ll cover those incredible tips on how to improve your performance. Because, we believe that by knowing your own body you are able to go beyond what you imagined.

And as always, all information posted here will be explained directly. No more complicated language. We believe in the simplicity of information and the effectiveness of results.

Let’s start. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy reading.

Start paying attention to your food

It sounds cliché, but the food is yours fuel to train . So, you must begin your journey of self-discovery in search of better results by looking at what’s on your plate.

In fact, diet is a very important factor in any and all physical activities. From professionals with enviable performances, even people who exercise recreational.

Basically, your intake should be separated into three stages:

Let’s look at each of these moments in detail


Before training, the ideal is that you consume foods rich in fast-absorbing energy, such as Whey Protein . This also works for those who have complex carbohydrates and low glycemic levels.

This is what makes Whey so famous, as it offers all these advantages, without drastically interfering with your diet.

Remembering that this will not be your official supplement. Pre-workout Whey must be accompanied by other foods to ensure your income. In our blog we have a very interesting article about recipes, gives take a look here.

During training

For the moment of the training you must work much more a replacement of liquids and minerals. For this reason, isotonics do the role well.

Important tip: pay attention to excessive water consumption. In addition to the fact that it can weigh on your stomach and impair the results, you can still replace the salts lost in sweat with pure water, which is not beneficial for your health.


Now it’s time for the Whey Protein to shine . After training your muscles will have microlesions, and the body will enter a state of regeneration. At this point it is important that you have a stock of protein to rebuild muscle tissue.

Because Whey is a fast-absorbing protein supplement (from Whey) it is able to offer your metabolism all the elements for a quick recovery. Without the body having to burn lean mass.

And in this way, you ensure that your workouts have better results.

Now it’s time to get hydrated

As you already know that you need to pay attention to food, let’s talk in more detail about the time to hydrate and explain how your body uses sweat.

Basically, you sweat as a heat regulation tool. However, along with sweat the body loses salts and other elements. And so, good hydration goes beyond just replenishing water, it requires other elements.

The best thing you can do is keep a bottle of water nearby and then consume hydrotonics.

If you don’t like the drink, then do the hydration with water, but control your consumption and avoid getting a puffy belly.

Sleep well

There is a certain mystique that involves practitioners of physical activities. It is common that training earlier and earlier is a source of pride, and this is dangerous. Its performance depends on the correct rest of the body.

In addition, incorrect sleep is capable of disrupting many metabolism activities. There’s more, not resting can generate stress, one of the main causes of incorrect eating.

In other words, sleeping poorly makes you train worse, has a negative impact on your metabolism and even puts you at risk of acquiring bad eating habits. Generating a real snowball of problems.

Therefore, training in the early morning only if you slept early. Otherwise, have your 6, 7 or 8 hours of sleep peacefully. This will benefit countless areas of your life. Have no doubt.

Know your body and do insurmountable training

As a last tip: watch yourself. Do not go beyond your limits, avoid forcing exercises just to impress someone else and never use the metabolism of others as a rule for your life.

You must compare yourself only with yourself. And seek constant improvement.

We hope that today’s article offered great ideas.

Want to read more about high performance training? Keep following our Blog. We are always bringing tips and news about the universe of supplementation.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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