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Sooro Renner’s 20 years: human potential, technology and innovation drive the industry

February 1st is a celebration day: Sooro Renner, a company present in Marechal Cândido Rondon (PR), Estação (RS) and Campinas (SP), completes two decades of activities, employing more than 450 employees and ready to process the equivalent of 4 million liters of fluid whey per day.

In 2001, Sooro Renner started operations in the city of Marechal Cândido Rondon, in Paraná, completing on February 1, 2021, 20 years of existence. Today, the company covers its 21,500 square meters of built area in the municipality of Rondônia; 8,626.03 square meters of construction in industrial plant 2 at Estação in Rio Grande do Sul, in addition to the 1,313.18 square meters of the Distribution Center in Campinas, São Paulo. Therefore, the industry, which pays income to the municipalities in which it is installed and employs around 450 employees, sometimes its industry is not so well known by the community where it operates.

For some audiences, it is a whey processing industry, but not only that: there are currently 3.4 million liters of fluid serum processed daily, with production to be expanded in 2021.

For others, it is remembered as the one that produces whey protein. Right. But it does much more: Sooro Renner operates in the segments of sports nutrition, ingredients and animal nutrition, providing the food market with high quality products, such as: whey permeate, whey powder, 80% whey protein, 60% and 34%, moreover, it is currently the only industry in Latin America to produce 90% isolated whey protein.

For Sooro Renner’s CEO, William da Silva, the 20 years of successful activities are the result of a vision of the future and investments in people. “We were a small industry and now we are one of the most modern industries in the field in Latin America. There have been prosperous years and many others of growth are ahead”, he praises.


20 years ago, Sooro Renner started its work in Marechal Cândido Rondon. “It was me, my wife and 13 more employees. The structure was very simple and the production was small, about 150 thousand liters of fluid serum per day”, recalls the CEO.

According to Silva, in 2001 Sooro Renner had about 1,400 square meters of industrial area built and had only one raw material supplier. “We had raw materials to work with and we went after customers. Finally, we got three customers in 2001. At the time, we only produced concentrated whey,” he says.

In the search for suppliers, Sooro Renner was co-responsible for bringing one of its great partners to Marechal Cândido Rondon, who today has become an important industry for the region. “The market started to gain weight and we managed to expand our reach even more each day”, emphasizes the founder.


In the director’s view, what drove the small industry to improve and reach the scope it now has were the sure bets that guided the company in these two decades. “Over the years, we have been investing in people, technologies and innovation. Today, we are rich with regard to human capital and technological equipment. This is the great value of our company”, he praises.

Silva recalls another important milestone for the industry in Rondônia, which was the merger that yielded and will continue to yield good results, the establishment of a successful partnership that made countless investments in its industrial units possible. “In 2019 we carried out the merger with the Renner Herrmann S.A. group, in order to leverage the investment capital. In this union, we jointly assumed an industrial plant in the municipality of Estação, in Rio Grande do Sul”, he mentions.

According to him, the expansion of the Rondônia unit should be inaugurated at the end of the first quarter of 2021. “From there, we will process more than 4 million liters of fluid serum per day, with a production capacity of more than 220 tons of dust a day, “he anticipates.


According to the CEO of Sooro Renner, the country and the municipalities in which industry is installed favor the food area. “Both production and consumption are intense in Brazil. For a long time, products in our segment needed to be imported to be consumed here, even if we had the raw material to be worked on. In view of this, we seek technology and meet this demand. . Much of our structure is made up of imported, high-tech equipment “, he explains.

Today, Sooro Renner has more than 25 suppliers, with raw material obtained in Mato Grosso, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. “If we started with three conquered customers, today we supply products to more than 600 customers” , measure.

Although the Brazilian market has good buyers, Sooro Renner exports to Mercosur and, in 2020, expanded its horizons by sending products to the Philippines. “Brazil is a big consumer, but we maintain strategic relations with other countries”, explains Silva.


2020 was a year of trials for everyone. “We overcame the logistical difficulties and managed to adapt in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally, we produced wonderfully well and reached a production and sales record,” added the CEO.

According to him, more than a 2020 positively surpassed, the future of the industry tends to yield even more results. “In addition to the conclusion of the expansion of the Rondônia plant in 2021, Sooro Renner will continue to invest in the protein part of whey. There are several compositions that can be explored and little by little we are opening our range of production, prioritizing technology and human potential. “, concludes.

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