Start little by little: training schedule to get out of a sedentary lifestyle

Today we brought you a complete article with training to get you out of a sedentary lifestyle. How about having the health you’ve always dreamed of training just a few minutes a day?

Yes, sedentary life brings several problems: irregular sleep, irritation, lack of motivation for daily activities, tiredness, pain, even symptoms related to stress, depression and anxiety.

But training a little every day is already able to ward off many of these symptoms. And today’s article is a perfect map to get you started.

So, come look closely at a training schedule to get out of a sedentary lifestyle.


Start running, why not? This is a democratic exercise, delicious and brings results in the first days. Many people start running and already feel better in sleep, in mood, in the regulation of appetite, among so many and so many other benefits.

If you feel that a race is still going to be a lot, then go hiking. No problem. The important thing is to find a moment to move, either for 15 min, or for 1 hour.

Fundamental tip: be regular. If you can only go twice a week , then do it twice religiously. No flaws. It is much better to keep a steady and steady pace than to run sporadically.

Skipping rope

Skipping rope is another exercise that has benefits in the early days and is very tasty. After getting the hang of jumping rope you will see how this practice will change your relationship with your own body.

There is no way to explain in text how you should jump rope. The secret is: be patient.

Do the movement slowly a few times until you fully understand the mechanics of the exercise. Then keep trying and trying.

From that strength the time will come when you will be able to jump over and over without effort. This exercise is fantastic for motor coordination, for working on reflexes and also to scare off sedentary lifestyle.

As in the race example: do it consistently. Test your ability and mark on the calendar every possible day. Prefer to train in a regular way, than to do strong training only a few times.

Simple aerobic training (jumping jacks)

This exercise is great for replacing strings. As you know, doing jumping jacks is an aerobic exercise that works a lot with breathing and the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Which has a direct influence on the reduction of anxiety and stress.

The movement is very simple to do: just open your arms and legs at the same time and then close, with small jumps to guarantee the thrust.

Tip: do jumping jacks before running, if you want to put it together with the run. In this way, you will be investing in excellent quality heating for your health.

Training to get out of a sedentary lifestyle: a frank conversation

In no way does our blog intend to go against any medical recommendation. Therefore, always with the help of an expert you trust. In any case, our training was designed for a large audience of people. And it is very likely that you will be able to do them all.

But, if you experience any marked discomfort, we recommend that you see a doctor. What’s more, the harms caused by sedentary lifestyle, such as anxiety, lack of humor, among many others, are also present in several diseases.

That is, if you feel that only physical practice will not be responsible for an improvement in your condition. You need to consult an expert in the field.

We hope that today’s article has raised some great ideas in your head.

Now just leave the sedentary lifestyle behind and start the exercises.

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We appreciate your company and see you next time.

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