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Tips for increasing strength in 21 days

Want to gain more strength in just 21 days? That is the promise of today’s article. We will bring you strategies that work and generate results in a very short time.

But, a warning: this is not a magic article full of “secret formulas”.  

All the advice here requires genuine effort and a lot of dedication on your part.

All right, let’s go! 

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In the first 7 days, slow down your exercises

Weight training exercises should be performed slowly, especially during the muscle contraction phase. 

This is because when performing this type of movement, more fibers will be injured during the activity, and the more effective will be the gain of muscle mass during the muscle recovery period.

Besides favoring hypertrophy, the slower performance of the movement also makes the person acquire greater body awareness.

It also avoids compensations during the exercise that end up making the exercise easier.

Reinforce your vegetable intake in the beginning

Eat fruits, legumes, and vegetables – especially leafy greens – to get potassium, which regulates muscle and nerve function and balances sodium levels in cells. Low levels of this mineral can cause muscle weakness and cramps.

Boosting the vegetables at this start helps you make a good trade-off between localized fat and lean mass.

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For the next 7 days, do a stair sequence

It is common nowadays, with elevators and escalators, that few people choose to go up flights of stairs.

However, this is an activity that requires no investment and only requires willpower.

Besides toning and increasing the resistance of the legs, this exercise is very good for improving cardiorespiratory health.

To perform it, all that is needed is to find a staircase and perform up and down circuits. It doesn’t have to be running, it’s just recommended to maintain constancy. 

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Now spend 7 days interspersing fast and slow movements

According to a study published in 2020, fast and slow repetitions are important in strength training.

Slow movements are more effective in helping to build muscle because they allow muscles to stay under tension longer.

On the other hand, fast movements help muscle strength and power.

To train at home, rely on a combination of fast and slow movements, executing both to perfection.

Careful execution is essential to help achieve the desired goals.

Now stick to the exercise periodizations

There is no point in wanting to develop good muscles without developing minimum strength capabilities.

In the same way, there is little point in wanting to develop a great amount of strength and not paying attention to other bodily aspects.

This is why periodization is extremely important for the athlete. It allows for “phases” in his development, which can be passed one by one, increasing specific skills or improving some of them in order to result in a whole.

A four-week periodization, for example, would take:

  • Week 1: Training at 75-80% 
  • Week 2: Training at 85%
  • Week 3: training at 95-100%
  • Week 4: Recuperative and moderate training.

This makes it so that the body can develop well and at the same time the different tissues can get better response, both stimulation and recovery.

And this makes your body not “get used to” the stimuli, it always seems to be something different and makes it always “lively”.

What about rest

Rest for a minimum of 90 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes to increase muscle mass. If you have little time to train, do circuit training or super sets.

Circuit training is doing the exercises without pause, one after the other.

This training method, besides working on strength, also gives a boost to the cardiovascular system.

Super series, on the other hand, are a combination of exercises that train opposing muscle groups. For example: do a series of push-ups and, soon after, a series of Superman. 

The two exercises are opposite movements (push and pull).

And in this case, the pause time is used for the opposite exercise – a form of active recovery. 

Did you like our publication today? By following these tips we are sure that you will have much more strength in just 21 days.

Want to read more articles like this? Then keep following the Blog. We are always bringing you tips on nutrition that generates results.

Thank you for reading and see you next time. 

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