Tips for not getting fat in the fall/winter

The coldest months of the year have arrived, and during this period it is normal that hunger increases and the willingness to exercise decreases. The result: weight gain and difficulties to lose that stubborn little belly.

With this in mind, today we have brought you some practical tips that will help you maintain your ideal weight, even during the colder months of fall and winter.

So, if you’re the type of person who ends up losing heart when the temperatures drop, this is your article.

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Tea tip

Take the opportunity to drink caffeine-free and sugar-free teas, which warm up the body, increase the feeling of well-being, and reduce the desire for sweets.

To drink, give preference to teas, they warm you up and have no calories. You can add ginger or cinnamon, which are thermogenic foods.

Teas and mate are good options to bring a feeling of warmth and comfort, indicates the clinical, sports, and preventive nutritionist Tatiana Galdino. She says that the classic coffee with milk is also on the list, but with an important detail: if you are used to taking vitamins, they usually contain caffeine. Therefore, it is important to pay attention not to consume too much caffeine. 

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Increase your protein intake, as it takes longer to be metabolized and released, which prolongs the feeling of satiety. Good sources: eggs, lean meats, and legumes such as beans, soybeans, chickpeas, and lentils.

And of course, Whey Protein is also super recommended.

Soups and creams help a lot

Following the idea of comfort food and warmth, soups and creams are great options to keep the body warm and satiated. You should avoid those versions with heavy cream or coconut milk – which contain more fats – and you should also ease up on the amount of carbohydrates. 

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Do a weekly weight check

Here’s a good idea: weigh yourself weekly. This will make it easier to control your weight and avoid scares. After all, people don’t put on weight all at once. It is a slow and gradual process.

Go for the fruits

Eat the typical fruits of this season, which, besides being low in calories, are rich in vitamin C. Strawberry, lemon, passion fruit, and guava are on the list.

Why do we gain weight during fall and winter?

Weight gain in these two seasons happens because the body feels the need to adapt to the ambient temperature, so there is a considerable reduction in the intake of fruits and salads (foods that contain a lot of water) and an increase in the consumption of warmer foods.

These foods, usually more caloric and slow to digest, end up accumulating a few extra kilos.

To conquer or maintain your ideal weight during the winter months, it is very important to be careful with your diet and not to stop practicing some regular physical activity.

Taking care of our body depends on willpower and self-esteem, because when we like ourselves, we start to take more care of our health, practice physical activity, and eat in a more balanced way, increasing our motivation and optimism.

People with low self-esteem, on the other hand, tend to avoid difficult tasks and when they experience difficulties are more likely to give up on their goals.

That’s it.

That was our article about how not to gain weight during fall and winter.

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