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7 Tips for Training in the Brazilian Summer Heat

Training in the Brazilian summer! Who hasn't struggled with that scorching heat, raise your hand.


Cold Shower After Training? The Truth About Cold Showers, Muscles, and Supplements

Can you take a cold shower after working out? It's a common question, is it good for you? Or is it bad?


Breathing During Exercise: How to Optimize Your Workout with the Correct Technique

Breathing during exercise changes your entire perception of the effort required to achieve your goals.


Heart Rate Zones: How to Train According to Your Heart Rate

Heart rate zones, if you're not monitoring them during your workouts, then your workouts are compromised in terms of results.


How to combat overtraining and the signs that you might be pushing yourself too hard

Are you falling into the overtraining trap and jeopardizing all your results in the pursuit of pure haste?


Music and Training: How the Right Playlist Can Boost Your Performance

Music and training, have you ever noticed how this combination works so well?

How the Brain Learns? Improve Your Gym Workouts

How the Brain Learns? Improve Your Gym Workouts Unlock your gym potential by understanding how the brain learns.

Whey Protein

After all, what should you take as a pre-workout?

Understand the best substances to take before your workout and boost your gym results.


Erectile Dysfunction? Let’s Break the Taboo and Bring Solutions

Understand how erectile dysfunction works and learn the best strategies to combat this common issue in men's lives.


How to Combat Procrastination: When It’s Laziness and When It’s Not?

Learn the best strategies to combat procrastination in your workouts and improve your long-term results.

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