Which Whey is right for you?

Have you started your workout and want to invest in supplementation, but don’t know which Whey Protein is right for you? This is the article that will answer that question once and for all.

We bring you details about each type of Whey and also what are the indications for consumption.

So, let’s go. Which Whey is right for you? Get comfortable and enjoy the reading!

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What is whey protein?

It is, in short, a food supplement produced from whey protein, which accelerates muscle mass gain, helps burn fat, strengthens the immune system, and preserves muscle tissue, among other benefits.

However, there is no miracle. The consumption of whey protein must be associated with regular exercise for these results to be obtained.

Many times, despite all the dedication in the workouts, some people take longer to reap the fruits that physical activity can provide and end up getting discouraged. In these cases, the proper use of whey protein is especially interesting.

Types of Whey Protein

Practitioners of physical activity, especially bodybuilding, there is a consensus that whey protein supplementation helps increase muscle mass gain. 

This in fact happens; whey protein stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins favoring the gain of muscle mass and this gain is even greater when combined with weight training.  The need, however, to supplement with whey protein depends a lot on specific factors, especially the athlete’s diet.

After analyzing the athlete and proving the need for supplementation, all that remains is to know which whey protein to buy. There are three types of whey protein on the market today: concentrated, isolated, and hydrolyzed. 

First let’s understand what this type of supplement is. Whey protein is the protein found in the liquid part of the milk, which after industrial processes is converted into powder form for commercialization. 

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Whey protein concentrate

It is the one obtained in the first stage of production, usually containing around 80% protein and lactose. 

It is the cheapest and most traditional form of whey. The concentration of whey protein varies from 30 to 90% depending on how it was extracted and on the product, the rest being carbohydrate (mainly lactose) and fat.

When to take it? Because it has a slower absorption it is recommended to take it between meals, it will avoid catabolism (muscle protein degradation) and promote better anabolism (muscle protein synthesis).

Whey protein isolate

When further purification steps are added to the process, isolated whey protein is obtained with protein content above 90% and lactose removed. 

This form contains extremely low lactose and fat concentrations. In addition, the whey protein concentration is around 90%. The digestion and absorption of this supplement is considered optimal, but the price is higher than the concentrated form.

This isolated protein is extracted through a process called ion exchange, which in turn allows it to reach 95% whey protein in its composition. It has a high biological value and is extremely low in fat and carbohydrates, including lactose.

When to take it? The best is to take it when you wake up and/or after training, when your body needs more protein, and it can be taken with a source of simple carbohydrate for better absorption.

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Hydrolyzed whey protein is whey protein isolated after undergoing the hydrolysis process, that is, the breakdown of the protein into smaller fragments, which would facilitate digestion and absorption.

Among the types, this is the only form where the protein has undergone enzymatic hydrolysis, thus ensuring the highest absorption speed due to its high biological value. It contains about 92% whey protein in its composition, but because it requires many liters of milk to be made, this type is harder to find and the prices are very high.

When to take it? Due to its fast absorption, hydrolyzed Whey has shown more advantages if taken pre-workout and/or post-workout, so there will be a large amount of amino acids in the bloodstream.

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Summary: What is the right type of Whey Protein for you?

A good way to know if your protein is pure is to rotate the pot and see how much of the powder is stuck to the walls of the pot, the less powder is stuck to the purer it is, a sign that it doesn’t have too many sugars, it’s not always possible to do the test, but this is a good tip.

Knowing what you are taking will bring good results for your workout.

Now you have all the information you need about what is the best type of Whey Protein for you.

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Thank you for reading and see you next time! 

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