Why can’t I lose weight?

Since we started this blog with tips for you who want to have the body of your dreams, we have received many questions like: “but why can’t I lose weight?”

Or more, we are also asked what it is necessary to do, really, to seek the so dreamed weight loss. 

Some people even risk themselves on dangerous diets, which leads them to develop other problems.

That is why today we are going to explain how the process of losing weight is and why, perhaps, you are having difficulties getting the results you so much desire.

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Important note about weight loss

We want to make it clear that when we talk about the “perfect body” or the “much desired body”, we are saying this from the point of view of people who want to lose weight.

In no way are we, as a company, claiming that there are more perfect bodies than others. 

This article is here to support people who have the desire to lose weight, however, this choice should be up to each person. This is a health blog and will always defend lifestyle habits that are proven to be healthy and improve people’s quality of life.

Agreed? So, let’s go!

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Difficulties in losing weight

It is difficult to lose weight, period.

Especially when absurd deadlines or complicated diets are imposed, very restrictive, or even full of foods that do not please the palate.

It will seem strange, but the best thing to do is not to go on a diet, but to change your bad habits, which are repeated daily. And believe me, this requires only a little patience and a lot of effort. Among these bad habits, the ones that always deserve to be mentioned (and reinforced) are:

The “food beliefs”

Fatty foods promote a feeling of pleasure, and make us believe that only they are tasty.

This is not true, there are many healthy and low-calorie foods that are extremely tasty.

Start testing new recipes, trying different flavors. Get used to the taste of food, not just the sugars and fats.

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Do diets work?

The best diet is the one you adapt to the best and promotes health.

Traditional, ketogenic, low carb, less carb. Your diet can be periodized from several diets during the treatment. All based on the individual’s medical history, goal, dietary history, and lifestyle.

Our body is an energy saver. It is necessary to create an energy deficit by controlling food intake and increasing energy expenditure through sports practice.

The ideal is an energy restriction between 500 to 1000 calories. The distribution of macronutrients, the quality of the diet, also makes a difference.

It is not enough just to count calories. Diets with an increased proportion of protein generate more satiety, better glycemic control, and, associated with strength exercises, minimize loss and contribute to muscle hypertrophy.

Ideally, you should have the help of a nutritionist to develop the ideal diet for your case.

Is there a recipe for success?

Yes, and it is so simple that it is absurd. Just take a look:

  • Be patient, that is the first step, there is no point in rushing your body;
  • Self-control is not only the way, you need professional help: if you feel difficulties to cut certain foods or certain eating habits, we recommend that you seek the help of a psychologist, 50% of the ability to lose weight comes from the mind, so, take care of yourself in this sense and look at yourself with more love and affection, do not charge yourself so much and seek a specialist who can help you in this process of acceptance and patience, so important for weight loss;
  • Consult with a nutritionist, this professional will set up a special menu for you to lose weight more efficiently;
  • Train regularly, your caloric intake needs to overcome the normal intake of a sedentary life.

And this is the formula that presents the best results. It is not easy, but we promise you, it is possible. And we are sure that you have inside you everything you need to get there.

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