Don’t stop, it’s only autumn!

Fall should be a warm-up for winter, not a reason to give up physical activity. The temperatures will drop, but your body should be up, warmed by determination and full of energy.

The fact is that it only takes a drop in temperature for laziness to set in. The mood tends to drop, but we must be vigilant and take advantage of the moment to keep up. The summer project – the one that involves showing off a fit and healthy body – now begins in the fall.

Although several studies indicate that the best time to lose weight is during the cold seasons of the year, there are still many people who do not take advantage of this time. It is in this period that the metabolism is more accelerated due to physiological changes, since the body feels more energy needs, because body fat is used to maintain the body temperature between 36 and 37ºC, and also to provide energy to stay active.


It is normal to feel hungrier in order to keep the body warm. If we eat more during this period, we must not be discouraged and continue with our workouts, walks, and physical activity that brings pleasure and benefits the body as a whole. The lack of exercise results in a greater accumulation of body fat and this, sooner or later, will show up on the scales.

The cold can also trigger depression in some people. This happens due to the decrease in the production of serotonin – the neurotransmitter that promotes the feeling of well-being in the body. The escape valve, instead of being the practice of physical activity, migrates to the kitchen and is found in the pleasures of cooking with foods rich in fat and poor in nutritional value. Lack of physical exercise + unbalanced diet = accumulation of localized fat.


One advantage of doing physical activity on cold days is that it offers reduced health risks. Besides, it tends to make the heart less vulnerable to the appearance of non-transmissible chronic diseases. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the time of day; it is recommended to choose periods of the day when the warmth of the sun’s rays can reach and stimulate the muscles, but this does not mean the need to train at noon.

The concern about doing physical activity in the cold is related to situations of hypothermia – excessive heat loss. Therefore, the tip is to check the weather conditions and choose the appropriate clothing that offers protection and comfort, without exaggerating, because when the body suffocates it ends up eliminating excess mineral salts, an unhealthy action.

With the right conditions and the ideal clothes, the next step is to warm up thoroughly. Stretching has the objective of preparing the body for the practice of physical activity and helps to avoid possible injuries.


Even though with the cold we have that crazy urge to eat soups, creams, fondues, hot chocolate, and sweets, it is necessary to keep control and maintain the standards of a healthy diet. The tip is the same whether fall or spring, winter or summer: avoid overconsumption of foods rich in fat and calories.

It is still important to have the three main meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – in addition to the intermediate snacks at predetermined times and with appropriate combinations of foods according to the needs of each person. Nothing to eat in front of the TV, or using the cell phone, nor to skip meals. 

Regarding the choice of dishes, if the option is soup, the tip is ‘do it yourself’. Choose vegetables, light meats, greens, seasonings that are not industrialized and don’t overdo it with pasta, potatoes, and rice. The diet needs to have fiber that brings satiety and low-fat meat.

Even if drinking water doesn’t seem attractive, it is essential to keep the body hydrated. Water is health and cannot be forgotten. The body also needs fruits, which are foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Vegetables cannot be left off the menu either, and to make the dish more appetizing in the cold how about betting on warm salads, stewed and with hot spices?


One of the supplements that is indicated for consumption in the cold season is the Whey Protein, because it is ideal for producing antibodies. And antibodies are what everyone needs to avoid the onset of diseases typical of low temperatures. Supplementation with Whey Protein is quickly absorbed and easily digestible, a factor that helps ensure optimal maintenance of the proteins present in the body.

Combining regular exercise, a balanced diet, supplementation, and willpower is a ‘magic formula’ that helps maintain your ideal weight during the colder seasons and enhances muscle mass gain.

Now that you have finished reading this article, no more wandering around the internet and lying on the couch. Let’s exercise, take care of our health, and leave the cold aside.

Focus on health and quality of life!

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