Exercise and beat stress! Here’s how

Continuing our sequence of articles that talk about the health of the mind, today we will show how physical exercises are great for fighting stress.

So if you feel stressed, if you want an alternative to improve your quality of life, you will find that physical exercises are a perfect alternative.

Come with us. Get comfortable and enjoy the reading.

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Why exercise helps against stress

Physical activity is excellent for maintaining health and a good quality of life.

And it is not only the body that gets in the mood with the practice: mental well-being is also stimulated by it.

When exercising, the body’s blood circulation increases, promoting several benefits, such as improvement of the immune system, blood pressure, and heart health.

Exercising also helps the production and release of endorphins in the pituitary gland, increasing feelings of happiness, relaxation, and well-being.

In addition, endorphin is a neuro-hormone manufactured by the body that promotes benefits to the body, such as mood improvement, mood enhancement, pain relief, and also releases other stress-inhibiting hormones. 

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Exercises help concentration

After a walk with friends or a few swims in the pool, you may notice that the irritations of the day have been forgotten.

One of the reasons is that you have been concentrating only on body movements.

You may also find that being focused on the present, on a single activity, generates more optimism and energy, helping you to stay alert in everything you do.

Production of pleasure hormones during exercise

A number of psychophysiological benefits occur during regular physical activity because of the release of some hormones secreted (produced) by glands, such as our well-known adrenaline (adrenal gland), which acts when physical or emotional stress, or both, occur.

Another important hormone is cortisol, which acts as a potent natural anti-inflammatory; we still have the hormone glucagon, which acts in the liver by increasing the amount of glucose deposited there.

There is also GH, our growth hormone, naturally produced by the pituitary gland located in the brain, which, among several effects, produces a certain and slight feeling of well-being; and finally the secretion of endorphin, producer of the feeling of pleasure and responsible for improving the quality of sleep.

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Stretching also brings benefits

Stretching is fundamental to prevent sedentary lifestyles from getting in the way of your daily routine.

With the adoption of social distancing measures, there is a natural tendency to a reduction in physical activity levels.

Stretching can be an interesting alternative to combat sedentariness in quarantine, especially because it does not require much space to be performed.

In addition, stretching increases flexibility, strength, and muscle health, functions that are essential for maintaining joint range of motion.

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