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How to gain more punching power in Boxing and other fights

Today we bring you special content for those of you who have started training for a fight and feel that your punches are not strong enough. We will learn how to give more power, strength and speed, especially in punching.

Remember that all of these tips should be used during your workouts at the gym, with the assistance of a professional. 

Okay, let’s get started!

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It all starts with a good foundation

Over the years the martial arts have accumulated more and more techniques and ways to develop punches, however, one thing has never stopped being true: the base of the punch is more important than the strength itself.

And what is base? It is the position of the body (especially the feet, hips, shoulders, and hands) before starting the movement.

Contrary to popular belief, a punch is not a hand strike, but a movement made with the legs, generating force to be transferred to the arm that practically only delivers the impact.

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The Punch starts with the power of the legs

A punch thrown without legwork will rarely achieve enough power to cause a knockout in a trained adult.

The foundation needs to be firm, feet shoulder-width apart, positioned one in front of the other, forming an angle between 40 and 45 degrees.

The feet are firm but with the heels slightly raised, making it easier to move.

The weight should be distributed between the two legs, with a little more weight on the back leg. This way you can generate more power, dodge easily, and not end up weakened if someone kicks your front leg.

How to start the punch?

The punch will be initiated with the weight that is concentrated on the back leg.

Then the foot projects the weight forward, rotating the tip and generating even more power. The back foot propels, but the front foot moves with a short step toward the opponent.

Notice where Muhammad Ali’s foot is pointing. Before it pointed diagonally, now it directs the movement forward.

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Exercise to increase the power of the punch

This exercise is ideal for speed due to the fact that it improves stamina, by striking with speed for a period of time you get tired, making your strikes slower than your opponent’s, so increasing that stamina in your arms is essential.

Give quick punches on the punch bag for 15 to 25 seconds, rest for the same period, then punch again, do this exercise for 3 minutes, repeat the exercise twice.

Tip: Do the movement slowly for a few rounds, until you get the hang of the legs, hands and hips. That way, when you increase the speed, the punch will come out much more naturally.

Did you like today’s tip? Now go practice and show how much stronger your punches are.

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