How to increase testosterone naturally

To increase circulating testosterone levels in the blood it is important to have a diet rich in zinc and vitamins A and D, practice physical activity, preferably using weights, and get a good night’s sleep. In this way it is possible to develop normal testosterone levels and the proper functioning of the body.

Testosterone is a hormone present in both men and women, and is related to libido, fertility, and secondary male characteristics such as the growth of body hair and increased muscle mass.

Generally, testosterone should be increased when its values are below the value considered normal for each person’s age, but the treatment should only be started on the advice of an endocrinologist, and in some cases it may be necessary to use supplements or apply injections, gels, and patches.

Total testosterone reference values


Below are reference values for total testosterone in women. Normal levels will vary according to the laboratory responsible for the analysis.

SexAgeNormal levels of total testosterone
WomenChildren under 2 years old There are no predefined reference values
Women2 to 7 years

Less or equal to  2,5 ng/dL

Women7 to 13 years2,5 to 10,4 ng/dL
Women13 to 18 years2,5 to 27 ng/dL
Women18 to 20 years 4,6 to 38 ng/dL
Women20 to 50 years8,4 to 48,1 ng/dL
WomenSuperior to 50 years 2,9 to 40,8 ng/dL


Below are reference values for total testosterone in men. Normal levels will vary according to the laboratory performing the analysis.

SexAgeThere are no predefined reference values
ManChildren under 2 years old There are no predefined reference values
Man2 to 7 years

Less or equal to  2,5 ng/dL

Man7 to 13 years2,5 to 432 ng/dL
Man13 to 18 years65 to 778 ng/dL
Man18 to 20 years 188 to 882 ng/dL
Man20 to 50 years249 to 836 ng/dL
ManSuperior to 50 years 193 to 740 ng/dL

Key foods that help increase testosterone

Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts are an oilseed rich in zinc, a key mineral that enhances testosterone production, facilitating muscle mass gain in men and women.

Zinc is a good ally

This mineral is important for testosterone production. Meat and fish are foods rich in zinc, as are raw milk, raw cheese, beans, and yogurt or kefir made with raw milk.

Foods rich in vitamin D

Salmon, sardines, eggs. It is also important to expose yourself to the sun daily, as food creates the perfect environment, but it is sunlight that aids the body in the production of vitamin D.

Foods rich in vitamin A

Mangoes, spinach, tomatoes, fish oil. It is also important to decrease the consumption of sugar and soy, this helps in the production of vitamin A.

Get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep, sleeping more than 5 hours straight, increases testosterone production and decreases levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone and can promote weight gain when in excess, which also interferes negatively in testosterone production.

In addition, one should dedicate 2 hours a day to relaxation and leisure activities, such as reading, watching television, or going for a walk.

Sexual stimuli

A simple erection raises testosterone levels.

When the body is sexually stimulated, levels of the hormone shoot up.

The opposite also happens: the body that is not sexually aroused over time has reduced testosterone levels in the blood. 

Avoid stress

Cholesterol is used in the production of several hormones, among them cortisol and testosterone. When stress levels are high, the body prioritizes the production of cortisol over testosterone, since both have the same “raw material”. Therefore, it is important to institute habits that reduce stress in order not to lose testosterone.

Maintain a healthy weight

Overweight and obesity reduces testosterone levels, because they increase the amount of fat in the viscera region.

This converts testosterone into estradiol, increasing the incidence of erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

Other tips for increasing testosterone

There is a beneficial relationship between exercise and increased testosterone levels. However, the exact mechanism is currently unknown. It can be seen that reducing body fat percentage can be a strong driver of increased hormone levels, which may be the reason why some methods of physical activity have more effect than others.

Therefore, the best methods to increase testosterone is to reduce body fat percentage and improve cardiovascular fitness through aerobic activity.

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