Learn the best days of the week to train

Hello, how are you? Today we want to talk to you about a topic that generates several debates in training groups and is also a doubt in the lives of many people who seek better results. What are the best days of the week to train?

After all, it is undeniable that throughout the days our energy fluctuates in many directions and you may feel full strength in one day, but have that certain discouragement in the other.

So, we have prepared this basic script on how to structure your training days throughout the week and thus manage your energy well. Without compromising the quality of training, while being able to rest and focus on other areas.

Want to learn what are the best days of the week to train? Then read on.

Before you know the best days of the week to train, have a goal

This tip seems quite obvious, and it may sound beat, but it is essential. Before choosing which are the best days of the week to train you need to have a goal in mind. Since it will make all the difference in your training.

The main objectives of those who train are:

  • Lose weight
  • Develop a desired body
  • Increase the willingness to work
  • Investing time in health
  • Increase your muscles (hypertrophy)
  • Improve your breath for other physical activities
  • Among countless others.

Of course you can always choose more than 1 goal, but our tip is that you always have that main goal. For it is she who will dictate the rules of your training.

Did you choose your goal? Now let’s look at the calendar

With the chosen objective you can start your training. Let’s talk now about the main objectives and how they influence the day-to-day training.

Organization of the calendar for those who want to be healthier

You see, “being healthier” is a rather generic phrase that says little about the results. Let’s assume that for this purpose you just want to stop having a sedentary life and include training in your daily habits.

For this, 5 sessions of 30 minutes of light or moderate walking are indicated. This activity alone is enough to bring countless health benefits. Bringing extra protection against problems like stroke and heart attack.

Tip: run three times a week, always leaving a rest day between runs, starting every Monday (and resting Saturday and Sunday). Run light runs every 5 minutes. That is, run 5 min., Rest 5 min. If you experience difficulty, replace this workout with 30-minute walks 5 times a week, starting on Monday.

Who wants to lose weight

If you want to lose weight , your training should take another stance. To begin, it is important that you monitor your diet. After all, exercise results depend a lot on your daily intake.

There’s more, the number of sessions will also depend on the intensity of each workout and the time limit that the professionals have set to achieve the desired weight.

If you are leaving a sedentary lifestyle, we recommend that you start with the training in the previous example and do a dietary reeducation. Then, with your body ready for heavier exercises, you can look for other modalities.

Best days of the week for those who want to gain muscle mass

Gaining muscle mass is no longer just a wish for professionals and athletes. Nowadays, people of the most different ages and professions feel the need to conquer an athletic body.

If you want to gain muscle mass, the first thing you need to do is to understand the regeneration cycles of your muscles. We have a very complete article on the subject, take a look there as soon as you finish this one.

In any case, create a schedule of 3 weekly trainings. Prefer to start on Monday and then rest the next day. If you already have an exercise routine, you can increase this number for daily training.

Focus on weightlifting training and of course, make sure your food has a fast-absorbing protein supplement (the famous Whey Protein ). He is responsible for ensuring that you have healthy and beautiful muscles.

Golden tip: never try to do anything that is beyond your limits. At this point, the participation of a professional is essential. The best results, those that last the longest, should come at the right time. Not too slow, but not too rushed.

And note: quality supplementation and focused training are the best allies in the search for faster results.

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Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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