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SOORO RENNER: Closes 2020 with records, distributes profits and drives local economy

In order to demonstrate to all our employees and partners the results of serious work. Today we brought you this article showing all the 2020 results and expectations for the year 2021.

It is proof that working with firmness and assertiveness always bears good fruit.

We are proud to be able to be accountable in this way, as we guarantee that we are reaping results without leaving aside our values.

Sooro Renner turnover in 2020

Sooro Renner earned more than R $ 373 million in 2020. Our production exceeded 60 thousand tons, with a total investment of 72 million reais.

We also expanded our production of whey protein concentrates, known as Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate. Along with this, we started the implementation of another drying tower, and given our commitment to the environment, massive investments are being made in the Effluent Treatment Station.

All this to show how it is possible to grow, while caring for the environment.

Profit Sharing and Results in 2020: Sooro Renner rewarding those who deserve

We put into practice the policy of participation in profits and results to recognize the commitment, effort and dedication of employees in the direct performance of their activities. & nbsp;

And we are aware of the indirect involvement in all the company’s actions that generate the results.

We are sure that it is only through people that the processes take place, so they are worthy of receiving part of the profits.

It is at the roots of our company to invest in the participation policy

The practice has been taking place since the company’s founding and is so beneficial that we continue to grow every year. Consistently throughout its 20 years. We always guide our actions & nbsp; based on the tripod of sustainability (economic / environment / social) and the formation of a team capable of meeting the challenges that growth requires.

Today, we are happy to say that the amount distributed in the profit sharing was of more than R $ 3 million for 447 employees of Marechal Cândido Rondon (PR), Estação (RS) and Campinas (SP).

This for us has a very important representation, in addition to recognizing the effort of our entire team. Sooro Renner’s profit sharing injects resources into the local economy, and boosts the trade in goods and services, especially considering the moment of uncertainty in which we live.

Our expectations for the year 2021

Even in the face of a pandemic that still plagues the world, Sooro Renner believes in the business and in the people that make up the team. So, in light of this, more than R $ 69 million is foreseen in investments in the expansion of productive capacity, infrastructure, administrative headquarters, training room, break room and restaurant for our employees.

We are sure that with the help of our employees, we will be able to achieve even bigger and more ambitious goals. One step at a time.


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