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Sooro Renner Inaugurated the Non Caking Permeate Production Plant

Investment by the Brazilian giant that keeps on boosting the sector and showing strength, even in times of crisis.

To invest is to grow and, despite the challenges in recent years, Sooro Renner continues to grow and expand, solidifying the brand as the largest producer of whey protein (whey protein concentrate and isolate) in Brazil and one of the largest in the Americas. 

Since its foundation, the company has always believed in bringing to its customers what is most modern and remarkable in innovation. Development is at the core of the brand.

And today, after 20 years of operations, it is one of the most solid and reliable companies in the domestic market. With exports to several countries and a first-world technological structure.

Therefore, and with a lot of pride, Sooro Renner took another step and inaugurated on September 22, 2021 the new Non Caking Permeate Production Plant, in the city of Marechal Cândido Rondon in Paraná.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by shareholders, employees, board of directors, and local authorities. Besides the illustrious presence of Carlos Massa Ratinho Júnior, Governor of the State of Paraná. Proof that Sooro Renner stands out in the national and international scenario. 

See the details of the Non Caking Permeate Plant in Marechal Cândido Rondon – Paraná

With more than 8,000 square meters of pure technology, it increased Sooro Renner’s production and storage capacity by more than 100 tons per day, being the largest plant in production capacity for Non Caking Permeate in Latin America.

The undertaking has the latest generation and high performance equipment, such as evaporators, crystallizers, spray dryer, robotic packaging and palletizing system, and enough loading docks to handle the new production volumes. More than R$ 120 million were invested to revolutionize the domestic market.

The conclusion of this cycle generated more than 150 indirect jobs and 30 new jobs.

All this, while maintaining sustainable actions and investing more than R$15 million in the new effluent treatment station and water polishing systems extracted from the whey itself. 

Thus, increasing the capacity to reuse water and mitigating the possible risks of environmental impact at the Marechal Cândido Rondon unit.

There were also investments of around R$ 25 million in the installation of a new Ultrafiltration membrane system, a new evaporator and the retrofit, modernization of the drying tower (Spray Dryer I), generating an increase in the production capacity of Whey Protein Concentrate.

Finally, the installation of the third boiler is being concluded to further increase the steam production capacity, an investment of R$ 12 million.

Estação Industrial Plant in Rio Grande do Sul has also been expanded

In the industrial plant of Estação (RS) projects are being developed to increase the storage capacity of raw materials, products in process and finished products, besides the adaptation of the storage areas for chemical products and improvements in the automation of the industrial processes, totaling an investment of more than R$ 6 million.

Constant Growth

By the end of 2021, it is estimated that the company will reach the incredible mark of 220 tons of production per day, in two industrial plants, making available to customers high quality products and technology in the segments of: ingredients, animal nutrition, and sports nutrition. 

  • There are 80 thousand tons of products per year, generating about 450 direct jobs.
  • The equivalent of 3,500,000 liters of whey processed daily.

There is also a partnership program with suppliers, which guarantees the supply and receipt of 100% of the whey, with fair valuation of the product. The suppliers also receive periodic technical assistance for the whey concentration and processing processes, improving the quality of the raw material and the profitability of their businesses. In this shared whey management process, they are also rewarded with the supply of the membranes used in the whey concentration process.

For Sooro Renner, growing is not only a matter of planning, but also of the company’s culture. The focus will always be on: celebrating the present results, but with our eyes fixed on what lies ahead. 

We feel confident to grow each day more. In the coming years, new investments will bring even more valuable solutions to the market, based on the tripod of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social, generating even more results in jobs, tax collection, research, and, of course, results for health! After all, the motto is: Sooro Renner, nutrition that generates results.

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