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Sooro Renner invests 2.5 million reais in Quality Control and inaugurates new Physical/Chemical Laboratory

Understand how Sooro Renner is expanding even more its actions in search for the best product at the national and international level

The physical/chemical laboratory is the place where a wide portfolio of physical, chemical and sensorial product analyses are performed.

It ranges from its nutritional composition, to the characteristics that the product must contain for a certain application.

In the physical/chemical laboratory, direct monitoring of the product’s quality is performed, to ensure compliance with the technical and legislative specifications, as well as with the strict criteria of the most varied customers. Be it animal feed, human food, and especially supplementation. 

Examples of monitoring performed at this site

  • Acidity content, pH;
  • Moisture content
  • Percentage of proteins;
  • Density;
  • Sensory test (appearance, texture, flavor and color).
New Physical/Chemical Laboratory

Which products will the physical/chemical laboratory benefit?

This is a laboratory dedicated to the analysis of powdered finished products. Thus, the entire range of powdered products will be evaluated by the laboratory, for quality control and release for sale.

So, we are talking about dedicating a structure and instrumentation specifically for quality control and standardization of the final product.

Which sector is responsible for the physical/chemical laboratory?

This structure is under the responsibility of Sooro Renner’s quality control – P1, in Marechal Cândido Rondon. 

What are the advantages of this new laboratory for everyone?

The structure is located inside the Drying Tower, therefore, the logistics of samples and process attendance becomes much simpler and more direct.

In addition, it is a completely new environment that is prepared to meet the analytical demands.

What are the innovations arising from this project?

The old laboratory encompassed all the stages of the production process in the same environment. 

And this generated a problem; the structure ended up being inefficient due to the growth in demand and the volume of analyses.

This prevented the organic evolution of the sector due to the lack of space and structural conditions for improvements in analysis and even limited the professional development of the team.

With this new laboratory, the structure is dimensioned and prepared for the expansion and development of new analysis methods and technologies. It becomes an adequate tool so that the best laboratory practices can be implemented and followed, such as: 

  • organization;
  • flow of samples and materials;
  • illumination
  • ventilation;
  • ergonomics;
  • greater security for analysts.

Summary: high capacity, agility and efficiency in attendance

These changes enable Sooro Renner to bring two points that are fundamental in the day to day of the company: improving the service and at the same time benefiting its collaborators.

The processes will become easier, direct, organic, and modern. The entire service will improve completely, valuing our professionals.

So that we can offer, with even more care, cutting-edge products to our customers.

The place where a wide portfolio of physical, chemical and sensorial product analyses are performed.

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