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With over R$ 510 million in sales and R$ 5 million in profit sharing, Sooro Renner breaks records in 2021

The growth was 37% in relation to 2020 and, for this year, the Brazilian giant has bold and real perspectives to foster even more the dairy sector

In 2021, Sooro Renner reached new records. One of them was the invoicing that reached R$ 510 million. The profit share exceeds R$ 5 million. The company also registered an increase of 37% in relation to 2020. Who feels the reflexes of this growth are the customers, the partners, the supplying producers, the employees, and the economy of the municipalities where the company has facilities.

The year was productive; more than 60,000 tons of products, in the company’s two plants, were distributed in several Brazilian states. Sooro Renner’s products go beyond borders. In 2021, part of the production was exported to countries like Paraguay, Chile, and the Philippines.

Last year alone, the company made investments of R$98.6 million. “In the second half of the year, we concluded an extremely important investment cycle. The Non Caking Permeate production plant is one of the largest in the world. With more than 8 thousand square meters of pure technology, it increased our production and storage capacity by more than 100 tons per day, being the largest Permeate Non Caking production capacity plant in Latin America”, highlights Leandro Tenfen, Financial Administrative Director.

The enterprise has a robotic packaging palletizing system and loading docks in sufficient number to handle the production volume. “More than R$ 120 million were invested to revolutionize the domestic market. The conclusion of this cycle generated more than 150 indirect jobs and 30 new jobs”, mentions Tenfen.


Sustainability is also part of Sooro Renner’s commitment to the environment. To maintain the sustainable foundation, the company invested more than R$ 15 million in the new effluent treatment station and water polishing systems extracted from the serum itself. This initiative increased the capacity to reuse water and reduced the environmental impact at the Marechal Cândido Rondon unit.


Sooro Renner also invested approximately R$ 25 million in the installation of a new system of ultrafiltration membranes, a new evaporator and the retrofit of the Spray Dryer I, aiming at increasing the production capacity of Whey Protein Concentrate.

Another important investment was the conclusion of the installation of the third boiler. This project allowed to expand even more the steam production capacity. The total investment was R$ 12 million.

“In the Station unit projects are being developed to increase the storage capacity of raw materials, in-process and finished products. Besides the adaptation of chemical product storage and improvements in the automation of industrial processes, totaling an investment of R$ 6 million,” points Tenfen.


The amount distributed among employees, for the year 2021, is R$ 5,000,388.80. In 2020 R$ 3.8 million were distributed. The numbers point to the company’s progress, which also reflects in the appreciation of the staff.

Tenfen points out that profit sharing is a way for the company to recognize the work and dedication of its employees. “At Sooro Renner we believe that results are obtained through people. In all, there will be 498 employees who will receive profit sharing. They are distributed among the plants in Marechal Cândido Rondon/PR, Estação/RS, and in our Distribution Center in Campinas/SP”.

Profit sharing reflects directly on the local economy. Each employee participates actively in the achievement of these results, and therefore expects and counts on the profit sharing amounts. The beneficiary uses the amount according to his or her particular desires, whether for personal finance issues, investment in goods, hiring services; this money fosters the economy in the community where Sooro Renner has its activities.


“We expect to grow 40% compared to 2021, which shows we are optimistic about the market in which we operate,” says CEO William da Silva.  “This optimism is a reflection of the R$80 million that will be invested in 2022 in expanding production capacity as well as in new products.”

With bold and real growth perspectives, Sooro Renner knows that to expand it needs to invest in technology, infrastructure and specialized labor. “In 2022 we will continue to invest in our people, we believe in the labor force that increasingly needs to be trained and qualified to face the challenges of growth,” concludes the CEO while emphasizing that the company treads a path of successful commitment, as it is a Brazilian giant in the dairy industry.

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